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Kids Salon Franchise Offers Great Back-To-School Hair Cuts And Hair Dos

Snip-its (www.snipits.com), the fastest growing franchise of children’s hair salons in the U.S., is pleased to assist families through one of the most important events of the new school year — picture day. By offering a professional, cost friendly haircut at Snip-its, provides a great, stress-free haircut for kids while assuring that parents are blamed for having to retake photos on “make up” picture day.

“Now that school is back in session, picture day is an important event for a child,” said Christine Mudd, director franchise development, Snip-its. “Because they serve as cherished keepsake, you want your favorite little guy or girl looking the best for school pictures. Unfortunately, every year, without fail, we see the same scenario: parents with the best intentions cutting their kids’ hair at home the day before school pictures! This year, why not trust the professionals at Snip-its to cut your child’s hair right the first time?”

While some salon prices might make parents reach for scissors or trimmers, Snip-its is dedicated to giving children a great haircut while providing value to parents. With a Snip-its haircut, mom and dad can feel confident that their children will look and feel their best so they can focus on making friends, learning and growing as a person instead of worrying about a botched haircut? In addition to piece-of-mind, Snip-it’s offers a friendly and comfortable environment utilizing games, animated videos and prizes.

Specially trained, in house Snip-its Party Directors can set up little girls’ parties, celebrating everything from birthdays to Bat Mitzvahs and Girl Scout/Brownie Troop meetings. Snip-its supplies all the essentials for a great party such as cake, juice and party favors that include take home make up and glitter, and even a special surprise for the birthday girl. To learn more about Snip-its parties, including special theme parties, visit http://www.snipits.com/parties/index.cfm.

About Snip-Its
The Snip-its Corporation, based in Natick, Massachusetts is designed to untangle the hair care challenges of children and their parents. It provides the best customer service and a guaranteed great time for both kids and parents. The salon franchise has served more than one million children annually in 65 locations. In 2007, Snip-its was named the 30th fastest growing franchise in the U.S. by Franchise Times Magazine. For more information or children’s franchise opportunities, visit www.snipits.com or call 877-SNIP-ITS.

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KRON-TV 4 To Feature Kids Haircut Salon On Monthly Segment

Snip-its (www.snipits.com), the fastest growing franchise of children’s hair salons in the U.S., announced today that KRON-TV 4, San Francisco’s NBC affiliate, will broadcast monthly “Best of The Bay” segments focusing on Snip-its’ Palo Alto, Calif. location. These broadcasts will reach over two million potential Northern California customers in eleven surrounding counties.

Kids Haircut Salon

“The Bay Area and its surrounding communities is one of the most culturally rich and diverse areas in the country,” said Christine Mudd, director of franchise development, Snip-its. “We have gotten a great response from the area, with the opening of our Palo Alto store. We are thrilled to be featured on “Best of The Bay” segments focusing on our new location, which will help us reach prospective franchisees and customers alike.”

The monthly television segments are set to focus on Snip-its as both a thriving recession-proof business in the local economy as well as a needed service. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the Bay Area, and in most major cities, the number of infants, toddlers and young children is growing faster than the overall population.

In addition to the Bay Area TV segments, Snip-its has received notable mentions in the media. Recent company profiles have been featured in publications such as Enterprise Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Go Magazine and the Patriot Ledger, to name a few. The Financial Times has called Snip-it’s a “Sharp idea for a start-up” and The Franchise Times named Snip-its one of the “Fast 55” successful franchise business models in America.

Snip-its, a growing kids franchise was founded in 1995 by California native, Joanna Meiseles, the daughter of Hollywood producer, Robert Blumofe credited with the movie, Yours, Mine and Ours and is the granddaughter of famed comedian Jack Benny. After a heartbreaking visit to an ‘adult’ salon with her then young son, the first-time entrepreneur established the entertainment-styled salon with the goal to make children’s hair care a positive fun-filled adventure for families. Snip-It’s utilizes such kid friendly elements as animated videos, salon-tailored educational video games, end of haircut prizes and even their own branded line of animated Snip-It’s characters to make give children, as well as their thankful parents, a no stress, quality haircut.

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Lowest Priced Franchise Kits and Documents Online

Franchise the Easy Way has published on their website: TheBusinessStartUpKit.com. The Lowest-priced Franchise Kits and Franchise Documents available Online (even lower than E-Bay)!

Since Franchise the Easy Way entered the market three years ago, it has lowered the cost of franchising materials 300%. Ask any of their competitors!

Offered on their website are some of the hardiest to find Franchise Documents. Documents such as the Master Franchise Area Development Agreement and an International Franchise Agreement.Find that anywhere else if you can?

Franchise Disclosure Documents

USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia

Coming soon are Franchise Documents for the United Kingdom for ONLY $49.00 This is the lowest price anywhere in the world for Franchise Documents regardless of the country! The UK Franchise Disclosure Document is an International Franchise Agreement with special wording for the UK. Such areas as VAT are included for the Franchiser.

These Franchise Documents can be purchased in order to support the Novice Franchiser in setting up his Franchising Corporation or the more adventurous Franchiser looking to expand into International Markets. TheBusinessStartUpKit offers it all in nice well thought out Franchising Kits.

For the more timid they also offer On-site at your location Franchising Help for $6,500. You can have one of there Franchise Consultants Help Franchise your business in two weeks! The cheapest and quickest Franchise Consulting in the Business!

www.TheBusinessStartUpKit.com or E-mail: sales@thebusinessstartupkit.com and for
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Salon Franchise Makes Kids Grooming A Treat Opening Its Eighth Location In Texas

Snip-its (www.snipits.com), the fastest growing franchise of children’s hair salons in the U.S., has opened its newest location in Pearland, Texas. The new 1500 sq. ft. salon at 2810 Business Center Drive marks the eighth Snip-its location in Texas. The salon offers a creative destination for children’s haircuts in a fun and animated cartoon environment with specially trained and friendly stylists. The salon will also feature a children’s party room for memorable birthday parties.

“A children’s haircut can be a stressful task for parents and kids,” said Alane Middleton, owner of the new Snip-its. “Snip-its of Pearland is designed to turn an ordinary and mundane experience into an enjoyable haircut visit that ends with a smile. Inside a dynamic environment, we offer a clean and safe salon so that everyone feels assured and happy.”

Snip-its, a growing kids franchise, offers children a no-tears haircut experience that’s weaved with vibrant colors and reminds many customers of a Saturday morning cartoon. The salon interior features a cast of Snip-its own branded animated cartoon characters: Snips, Jean Luc le Spritz, Curly Comb, Flyer Joe Dryer, the Clip-ette Sisters, and Maranga Mirror plus animated videos, salon-tailored educational computer games and “cushy” parents chairs so Moms can sit nearby. At the end of each visit, children receive a prize in exchange for a lock of hair from the “Magic Box.”

“Having served in the community with youth ministry, Alane brings a leadership mentality to the salon and an ear to local needs,” said James George, the CEO of Snip-its. “She and her husband Wesley will be great partners for Snip-its and I look forward to their success.”

About Snip-Its
The Snip-its Corporation, based in Natick, Massachusetts was designed to untangle the haircare challenges of children and their parents. Founded in 1995 by mom entrepreneur, Joanna Meiseles, Snip-its provides the best customer service and a guaranteed great time for both kids and parents. The salon franchise has served more than one million children annually in 65 locations. In 2007, Snip-its was named the 30th fastest growing franchise in the U.S. by Franchise Times Magazine. For more information or kids franchise opportunities, visit www.snipits.com or call 877-SNIP-ITS.

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GayFranchise.com – provides a solution-based alternative to corporate downsizing

The year 2009 has finally arrived and we are collectively filled with such a dichotomy of emotions. President-Elect Obama is now the first African American president and at the same time, the economy is rearing its ugly head leaving us spinning with a sense of wonder.

The recession has obviously affected most of us on some level. It is possible that we will see at least one or more of our friends face a lay-off from their current place of employment. Sometimes life forces us to change our lives around despite our reluctant efforts to hold on. As scary as this appears, there is still hope.

It’s time to start focusing on making the lemonade rather than crying over the lemons. Even if you are still currently employed, it is always good to look at possible solutions if the inevitable happens.

If you are a veteran of corporate America, you first instinct after being laid off is to start contacting headhunters or pouring over the Sunday classifieds in search of another place of employment. Some of you think to yourself, “Ok, I need stability. I need to know that I have a consistent paycheck every week plus benefits.” But others might think, “I am so sick and tired of my life being out of my control.” If the latter is you, then this article is for you.

Buy a franchise!

In January of 2008, Echelon Business Media Inc., owner of Echelonmagazine.com created GayFranchise.com to bridge the gap between mainstream franchisors and the LGBT community. This site offers a directory of over 60 franchise opportunities in various categories, from coffee shops to financial planning franchises.

Despite some in our community who profess a policy of privacy when it comes to their sexual orientation at work, who we are in all aspects of our lives, comes out at the office. Whether it be the office Christmas party, or telling people what you did over the weekend, or even requesting domestic partner benefits, our sexual orientation eventually comes out at work. If this has become a problem for you in the past, it is all the more reason to own your own business.

GayFranchise gets your sexual orientation out of the way from the get-go. Our franchises are looking for a diverse array of franchisees. Your fear of being outed is completely alleviated from the moment you request more information. Gay neighborhoods are sprouting up all of the U.S., and having a gay-owned franchise in these areas are an added plus to the franchise owner as well as the master franchise. The clients within the GayFranchise directory are targeting their opportunity towards the Gay community for a variety of reasons. Most members of our community are more available as the majority of us don’t have children. The amount of people with a college education skews very high in most polls. We also have an understanding of “risk” as it is risky enough as it is to come out of the closet.

Choosing to own a franchise rather than starting a business from scratch poses many advantages. Franchises already possess brand exposure in the market. This is one of the toughest jobs of any new entrepreneur. It presents an immediate credibility and reliability with your future customers. There is also no need to create a business plan from scratch. You are buying a “business in a box” as each opportunity has a proven and consistent system for you to follow. Lastly, there is always someone in your corner. Training is provided and it’s always nice to be able to call someone for the answers.

GayFranchise also lists several vendors who can assist you in making your purchase. Whether it’s one of our Capital Partners, Consultants or Attorneys, these companies stand by to aid you making your franchise ownership a reality.

So let this year be about broadening your horizons by researching other opportunities to your current state of employment and being prepared for whatever may come your way.


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Welcome to EPR Small Business News

EPR Small Business News is a new blog, part of EPR Network, that is going to be focused on and will be covering the small business and stories from press releases published on EPR Network.

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