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Joel Hyatt Brings his Latest Start-up Globality Out of Stealth Mode

Meridian, Idaho, 2017-Jan-19 — /EPR SMALL BUSINESS NEWS/ — Globality has debuted as the first global business-to-business marketplace that will pave the way for small and medium-sized companies to become more active in the global market.

Founder of Globality, Joel Hyatt, officially launched Globality after two years of gathering investors and a team of high-powered industry leaders. Hyatt tweeted. “@GlobalityInc is officially live! Proud of our great team. Our mission is to make globalization work.”

“We understand why people want to reject globalization — they see benefits only flowing to the largest companies and the richest individuals,” Hyatt wrote in a recent blog post.“But the problem is not that globalization exists; the problem is how it functions. We want to get more people involved in globalization. We want to drive the benefits of globalization deeper into the world’s economies.”

Globality board members include high-powered technology and business leaders Juliet de Baubigny, Senior Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Mark Hurd., CEO of Oracle; Ron Johnson, CEO of Enjoy; John R. Joyce, former CFO of IBM; Dennis Nally, Former Global Chairman of PwC; and Mark Vorsatz, Managing Director and CEO of Andersen Tax.

Globality was co-founded by Hyatt and Lior Delgo in 2015. The company currently has a staff of 75 people in Silicon Valley and London. It is backed by $37.5 million in funding from former Vice President Al Gore; John Emerson, U.S. ambassador to German; Ken Goldman, CFO of Yahoo; Jim A. Johnson, director of Goldman Sachs; Michael Marks, founding partner of Riverwood Capital; David Rosenblatt, CEO of 1stdibs; Jeff Sine, co-founder and managing partner of Raine; and Yechiam Yemini, and professor of computer science at Columbia University, among others.

Contact-Details: Bite Communications for Globality
Bethany Mullinix

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Financial Architect® “The Fastest Way to Legally Raise Capital – Guaranteed!”

It has just been reported in “The Private Capital Access PCA Index Q2, 2013 report in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp., measures the demand for capital and financing activity for privately-held businesses. Privately held businesses continue to find it difficult to raise new financing in the current business environment, according to 59 percent of small business owners who responded in the second quarter survey results. Only 33 percent of those who applied for business loans from a bank were successful. The research also shows that many small business owners are tapping into their personal assets to fill financing gaps with 41% of business owners saying they transferred personal assets to their business over the last three months.

There is a better way: As former Wall Street financiers turned entrepreneurs, the principals at Commonwealth Capital Advisors know what you’re going through or about to go through. They have felt the pain of attempting to capitalize start-up and early stage companies. They know how to succeed, but more importantly, they know about failure and how to avoid it.

To find out how by reading the Abridged Edition of the E-book their CEO wrote entitled: “The Secrets of Wall Street – Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies.”


If you are serious about raising capital for your start-up or early stage company, this resource was made for you. “The Secrets of Wall Street…” will open your eyes to the truth on how the world of capital works. It’s designed to enable any Entrepreneur to make a qualified decision on how to go about effectively raising capital.

The unsolicited testimonials continue to stream into their website.

It’s their “pay it forward” gift to you to help you to turn your dream into reality.

Charles David Dreher
Executive Vice-President

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Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs to Convene in Santa Fe To Transform Their Lives and Businesses with Personal Branding Strategies

Robin Fisher Roffer, founder and CEO of Big Fish Marketing, is extending her award-winning corporate branding techniques to entrepreneurs and small business owners at her Reinvent Yourself workshop in Santa Fe, September 8 – 10.

Ranked fifth by Brand Gurus International on the list of top 30 most influential brand experts in the world, Fisher Roffer has crafted branding strategies and marketing plans for some of the world’s leading entertainment brands including Sony, ABC and MTV.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to play with the ‘big fishes’ for most of my career,” mused Fisher Roffer. “My workshop has been called a catalyst and life preserver for the many ‘little fishes’ out there with ideas, experience or dreams to become a ‘big fish’.”

Now Fisher Roffer has designed a systematic roadmap for individuals to follow during a three-day intensive workshop designed for attendees to discover and define their business relevance with compelling language to distinguish themselves in the marketplace.

In a personalized, intimate setting, her techniques expedite the business launch, expansion and job-seeking processes. Attendees have included entrepreneurs and philanthropists launching new businesses, executives in transition and college graduates seeking a takeaway action plan to realize immediate or long-term goals.

Part self-discovery, part disciplined goal planning, Reinvent Yourself motivates attendees through an eye-opening process of aspirational messaging, validated by Fisher Roffer’s track record of cumulative successes over two decades in corporate America. Guided by Fisher Roffer’s no nonsense yet encouraging style, attendees leave with a new sense of direction as well as a specific, personalized action plan for success in their lives and businesses.

Author of three books, Make A Name for Yourself, The Fearless Fish Out of Water, and Reinventing Yourself, Fisher Roffer is the recent recipient of the AMEC (Association of Media and Entertainment Council) Leadership Award.

For more information and enrollment:
Reinvent Yourself Workshop:

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Entrepreneurs Raise Significant Capital Under SCOR

Most start-up, early stage and later stage privately held companies could use an extra $1,000,000 in equity capital. If this is the case for you, consider registering the securities at the state level under the Small Company Offering Registration (SCOR) to attract and build a pool of individual investors. This involves submitting an application (Securities Offering documents) for registration with the state(s) regulatory authority where the securities will be solicited and sold.

By registering the securities at the state level under SCOR you are allowed to advertise your securities offering through the general media. Once registered and your advertising plan approved by the state regulators, you will be competing head-to-head with financial institutions for individual investors. Your ability to advertise may not be effective unless your company can provide a higher “current yield” for consistent cash flow to investors. A SCOR Offering enables you to advertise in your regional Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, local newspaper, as well as direct mail and or radio advertising. Imagine investors calling you to inquire about funding your company. This is an extremely important strategy.

Most states support SCOR and are anxious to help entrepreneurs qualify for the funding they seek. But the entrepreneur will need to do most of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to the design of the securities to be offered. How much of the company should be sold for how much? Is there a way to sell Bonds or other forms of debt to investors? What about preferred stock with no voting rights? What are investors looking for when investing in privately held companies? Where does one begin? These are only a few of the questions that must be addressed and answered before creating a securities offering under a SCOR.

One such company is offering this knowledge and advice complimentary as a “Pay it Forward” tactic, the primary focus of its overall business strategy.

Commonwealth Capital Advisors (CCA) has been the advocate for the entrepreneur since its inception in April of 1998. Assisting start-up and early stage companies in the process of raising seed, development, and expansion capital through the issuance of securities, is its only business. As the “Architects of Finance” they produce the proper deal structures through the use of GAAP compliant pro forma financial projections (blueprints), house them in securities offering documents (legal paperwork) and then direct them to Broker Dealers (stockbrokerage firms) to have their securities sold to raise substantial amounts of equity capital. Amounts can range from $100,000 to $50,000,000 for operating companies and up to $500 million dollars for REITs or other Investment Funds.

You no longer need to spend vast amounts of time and money engaging in effectively raising capital. The entire capital raising process can be done by the entrepreneur through the use of CCA’s revolutionary Financial Architect System™. Financial Architect®, a patent pending system, was invented by Wall Street Investment Bankers, Securities Attorneys and CPAs.

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BABRT Appoints Two New Staff To Key Post, Co-Chair And Executive Assistant To The Ceo For Strategic Planning And Program Development

Doris Mangrum a nationally recognized authority on matters concerning the incarcerated and the formerly incarcerated parent, their families, and the reunification process, has been chosen to Co-Chair the Bay Area Business Roundtable. Ms. Mangrum has been an advisor on family matters in high profile criminal cases, and an expert panelist for movie screenings. She is the author of “After the Bungy Jump, There’s Still A Lot of Jerking Goin’ On” and Executive Producer of “Stains: Changing Lives After Incarceration” her first feature length national documentary. Ms. Mangrum is also the host and producer of “Let’s Saidiana”, a community awareness program aired weekly on KDYA-Gospel 1190AM –“The Light”.

Ms. Donna M. Singleton was appointed Executive Assistant to the CEO for Strategic Planning and Program Development. Ms. Singleton previously served six years as Strategic Manager/Director and Meeting Planner for Daimler Chrysler Corporation in Michigan . She developed overall strategy and brand portfolio approach for services that were critical components to the Group Department’s overall success.

The Bay Area Business Roundtable recently sponsored the Oakland Mayoral debate in collaboration with the League of Women Voters and the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

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Two E-Books On ‘Raising Capital’ Are Now Available On AMAZON-KINDLE

Commonwealth Capital Advisors (CCA) has just released its e-book entitled, “The Secrets of Wall Street – Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies” on AMAZON-KINDLE. The Abridged Edition is available for download for one dollar ($1.00). Entrepreneurs can now read the first two chapters and determine if deploying a securities offering to raise capital is right for their company’s capital raising needs. They also learn how to successfully structure a deal that will benefit both their investors and their company without giving away any permanent equity or voting control. The Expert Edition of the e-book sells for one-hundred dollars ($100.00) and includes 19 chapters from “The Five Most Important Concepts When Raising Capital” to “Soliciting & Selling Securities to Raise Capital.”

Commonwealth Capital Advisors is an Investment Banking Advisory firm established in 1998. They are very different from Private Equity and Venture Capital firms who require as much equity ownership and voting control from a company, as possible. They are closer to Investment Bankers, but unlike them CCA’s fiduciary duty remains on the entrepreneur’s side of the table.

“CCA’s primary purpose is to increase every entrepreneur’s probability of raising substantial amounts of capital to the highest degree possible, at a mere fraction of the traditional cost, without the need to give up permanent equity ownership or voting control.” CCA is the advocate for the entrepreneur by specializing in assisting start-up and early stage companies raise seed, development, and expansion capital through the issuance of securities. The amounts raised can range from $100,000 to $50,000,000 for operating companies and up to $500 million dollars for Real Estate/REITs or other Investment Funds (i.e. Oil & Gas projects, Film Production Companies and Venture/Hedge Funds). The capital raising process can be done by either the entrepreneur through the use of CCA’s revolutionary patent-pending Financial Architect System™ or they can hire Commonwealth Capital Advisors to oversee the process.

To download the Abridged Edition visit: :

To download the Expert Edition visit:

To download the Abridged Edition in the UK visit:

To download the Expert Edition in the UK visit:

BABRT Will Present Two Spotlight Awards To: Oral Lee Brown And Pam May

On Thursday July 29 th @ 5:00 PM, Jack London Aquatic Center, the Bay Area Business Roundtable will present “Spotlight Awards” to two of its members for outstanding contributions to the quality of life and business development. The awards will be presented during the annual Jazz Business Mixer and Fish Fry.

Pam May is the owner of TechScribe Communications, and developed two white papers, Developing a Sustainable Workforce, and Meeting Basic Needs. The papers outlined the challenges of poor communities and the need to focus resources that will meet the basic needs. The reports set in motion the development of a “green business incubator” to create jobs through entrepreneurship.

Oral Lee Brown has worked tirelessly to provide educational opportunities for Oakland ‘s most underserved students. In 1987 she adopted an entire class of students from Brookfield Elementary School located in the troubled area of East Oakland . This group was labeled as Brookfield ‘s “worst” first grade class. Nearly all of them were poor, and they lived in the violent-plagued flatlands of East Oakland . Of the original group of twenty-three students, nineteen graduated from high school and attended college. The Oral Lee Brown Foundation currently sponsors six (6) groups of children. Not only is she supporting the children financially for their future education, she provides after school, Saturday School , tutoring, mentoring, testing, SAT prep and enhanced online tutoring skills. She authored with Caille Millner “The Promise” How one woman made good on her extraordinary Pact to Send a Classroom of First Graders to College.

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BABRT Finds New Home for Monthly Meetings

The Bay Area Business RoundTable (BABRT) recently announced a new location for its monthly meetings. The new meeting place is the Jack London Aquatic Center (JLAC) at 115 Embarcadero in Oakland. The JLAC is located on the Oakland Estuary, just seven tenths of a mile west of the old meeting location at the Homewood Suites, also on Embarcadero.

BABRT Finds New Home for Monthly Meetings

The BABRT will meet in the JLAC’s second floor conference area starting Thursday, May 27, 2010, at 10:00 a.m. This new location will accommodate up to 185 attendees, allowing more capacity for larger gatherings. The space also has smaller adjoining rooms for breakout sessions. “As we began to outgrow the Homewood Suites, it became increasingly difficult to fit all of our attendees in their conference facility, as our monthly meetings typically draw anywhere from 35 to 60 people. The new, larger space can adapt to a variety of floor plans, which allows us to easily increase attendance,” said Chief Executive Officer, Bernard Ashcraft.

“We are fortunate to have found such a nice space on the waterfront, with close proximity to the old meeting location. We really wanted to limit the impact that relocation could have on our attendees and speakers. I don’t think we could have found a better location for our format.” PG&E’s Public Affairs Manager, Tom Guarino was responsible for bridging the connection between the BABRT and the JLAC. As a resource for water sports, the JLAC’s mission is to inspire the diverse communities of Oakland  – especially youth – to experience the Oakland Estuary for purposes of recreation, education and competition. The BABRT looks forward to supporting the JLAC in these efforts.

About the BABRT
The BABRT is a 501(c)-(3) focused on building community and fostering positive change, along with economic growth in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit our website at

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California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer Speaks at the BABRT Regarding Future of Green Business in California’s Economy

On Thursday, April 30th, California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer will speak before the Bay Area Business RoundTable (BABRT) on the future of green business in California’s strained economy. The BABRT meets monthly at the Homewood Suites Hotel in Oakland, California. Elected as State Treasurer in 2006, Lockyer has served as California Attorney General and President Pro Tempore of the California State Senate.

California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer Speaks at the BABRT Regarding Future of Green Business in California’s Economy

Having held elective office since 1973, Lockyer has arguably had more varied executive and legislature experience than any other current official of the State Government. Fifteen years before the Exxon-Valdez disaster, during 1974, Lockyer wrote the first environmental legislation to provide State funding for the detailed process of emergency oil spill decontamination.

His signature environmental achievement came in 1987 with a bill to create a Bay Trail, which he envisioned as an eventual 500-mile-long hiking and cycling path. Once completed, the Bay Trail will be a continuous recreational corridor, with adjacent bayshore parks and protected natural habitats that are intended to eventually encircle San Francisco and San Pablo Bays . To date the Bay Trail encompasses over 290 miles of completed trail, including on- and off-street segments.

Under Lockyer’s guidance, the Treasurer’s Office is the first investor in the U.S. to buy green bonds from the World Bank ($300 million to finance projects around the globe to fight global warming); sponsored successful legislation to make it cheaper for schools to build renewable energy projects; revived agency in his office that helps manufacturers build electric cars and make renewable energy products.

Executive Director for the Port of Oakland Omar Benjamin will also speak before the BABRT regarding Oakland ‘s port as the hub of the Northern California megaregion. During the March BABRT, Benjamin received a spotlight award for exemplary leadership and commitment to the economic health and vitality of Bay Area businesses and communities.

The BABRT meeting will convene at 10:00 a.m. and along with the noted speakers, author, activist and attorney Christine Pelosi will be presented a spotlight award for her collaboration in working with the BABRT to offer the first Public Service Leadership Boot Camp at UC Berkeley Extension.

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Christine Pelosi to Receive Spotlight Award for Public Leadership Boot Camp Course at UC Berkeley Extension

On Thursday, April 30th, the Bay Area Business RoundTable (BABRT) will present a Spotlight Award to author, attorney and activist Christine Pelosi for her partnership in teaching the Public Service Leadership Boot Camp course at UC Berkeley. The award will be presented during the BABRT’s monthly meeting held at Homewood Suites Hotel in Oakland . The Boot Camp course highlights skills that are essential in becoming an effective community leader, organizer or political candidate.

Christine Pelosi to Receive Spotlight Award for Public Leadership Boot Camp Course at UC Berkeley Extension

This class also emphasizes the same techniques in management, message, money and mobilization that helped win Congress back for the Democrats. Pelosi offers leadership lessons from her vast experience on the campaign trail. She has conducted campaign boot camps for candidates and causes in more than 15 states across the country and she blogs regularly for the Huffington Post and

The first ten-week boot camp course at UC Berkeley was offered last November and the second class is currently underway. Pelosi believes that every person has a call to service and an ability to lead. Her book, Campaign Boot Camp: Basic Training for Future Leaders, is the text for the class and a must-read for anyone preparing to run for office or engaging in public service.

Pelosi says, “Leadership requires inspiration, dedication and perspiration to turn ideas into results. My class provides best practices and ‘get real’ exercises, so that students can integrate these leadership lessons into their own public service efforts, relative to political campaigns, ballot initiatives or non-profit ventures.” Through collaboration with the BABRT, Pelosi brought the basic training principles of her book to the classroom.

The BABRT meeting will convene at 10:00 a.m. and speakers will consist of California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer and Executive Director for the Port of Oakland , Omar Benjamin.

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Entrepreneurs Learn How to Make Their Strategies Work in Any Economy With The GO SAMMY Strategy System Program, an on-line business skills training and virtual resource center for aspiring, beginning, and experienced entrepreneurs, announced today that membership enrollment is now open for the GO SAMMY Strategy System Program™. The GO SAMMY Program™ is a strategy development and implementation system created especially for entrepreneurs of small-to-medium size businesses. The Program is designed to help entrepreneurs broaden and fine-tune their strategic thinking, planning, and managing skill set. GO SAMMY™ is an acronym derived f r o m the first letter of each of the following words: Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Activities, Manage, Measure, and Yields. These words define the GO SAMMY™ planning, thinking, and managing initiatives.

“During this current economic climate, businesses of all sizes face critical issues and unique challenges that require well-developed plans and well-defined problem solving approaches. With well-developed plans and problem solving approaches, business owners and executives improve their chances for survival,” says Dolly Stevens, Director of Training for “Entrepreneurs can substantially increase their probability of successfully achieving their goals and objectives by following a predetermined set of steps rather than flying by the seat of their pants! This predetermined set of steps is commonly referred to as a Strategic Action Plan (SAP). The SAP, or the entrepreneur’s road map, specifically outlines the steps and tasks that are necessary for entrepreneurs to implement so that they can achieve their business objectives.”

Ms. Stevens continues, “The SAP translates entrepreneurs’ ideas into action in order to make things happen. The SAP defines what needs to be done, how tasks are to be accomplished, which resources are required to carry out the tasks, and who is responsible for completing the tasks. Without a Strategic Action Plan, it is highly unlikely that the dreams of entrepreneurs will become realities, particularly in this current economic downturn! We are all familiar with the fact that the successful development of any project of value presupposes the use of a detailed blueprint or set of specific instructions. The blueprint for the development of the comprehensive Strategic Action Plan is the Blueprint for the GO SAMMY Strategy System™. With GO SAMMY™, entrepreneurs have a cost-effective solution for developing a custom-tailored Strategic Action Plan for their specific business that will guide them and their organization in the day-to-day business activities.”

The GO SAMMY Strategy System™ is a strategy development/implementation training program for business owners, executives, and professional service providers. The GO SAMMY Program™ provides the Select Plus members of Training for with expert guidance through the program’s weekly, systematic, instructional e-Lesson modules on strategic thinking, planning, managing, and executing key action strategies. The Program’s “breakaway-f r o m-business-as-usual” strategy development methods help entrepreneurs to more effectively and efficiently realign their business processes to current economic conditions, reposition their companies to gain a competitive advantage, minimize their risks, and maximize their operating results. The disciplined approach of the GO SAMMY System™ shapes and guides what the business is, what it does, and how and why it does it. By applying the GO SAMMY™ “breakaway-f r o m-business-as-usual methods of strategy development, businesses are now better equipped not only to survive, but also to more effectively re-position their businesses and thrive in almost any economy. Entrepreneurs can enroll in the GO SAMMY Strategy System Program™ by visiting

Training for is an online business skills training and virtual resource center for entrepreneurs of small-to-medium size businesses who want to learn and enhance critical business skills and realize greater success. Training for creates, develops, publishes, and facilitates web-based information products, interactive distance e-Learning programs, and virtual mentoring programs to help members master the skill set a s s o c i a t e d with leaders that achieve extraordinary results.

Training for illustrates, demonstrates, and communicates its digital content using a combination of rich learning media: text , graphics, animation, audio, and video. With the use of “state-of-the-art” instructional design of the programs, subscription members are able to enjoy a valuable learning experience. Training for is the training and development group of Legacy A s s o c i a t e s, Inc., a small business consulting services firm located in Lakewood Ranch (Sarasota), Florida.

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BABRT Presents Spotlight Award to Omar Benjamin, Port of Oakland Executive Director

On Thursday March 25th, the Bay Area Business RoundTable (BABRT) will present a Spotlight Award to Omar Benjamin, Port of Oakland Executive Director. The award will be presented during the BABRT’s monthly meeting held at the Homewood Suites Hotel in Oakland. Responsible for the administration and operations of the Port organization, Benjamin has shown exemplary leadership and commitment to the economic health and vitality of Bay Area businesses and communities.

As the Port continues to be the economic engine of Oakland, the BABRT recognizes several key achievements that are exemplary during the economic downturn, including:

· Oakland International Airport was rated No. 1 for on-time performance among U.S. airports during 2009.

· In May 2010 Southwest Airlines will begin offering 114 daily departures out of Oakland Airport, including restoration of non-stop service to Nashville, Tennessee and increased frequency of flights to the cities of Albuquerque, Denver and Seattle-Tacoma.

· Port of Oakland was one of six major US West Coast ports to collaborate at the World Shipping Summit held last November in Qingdao, China. The collaboration showcased the benefits of the US West Coast as the premier region for trans-Pacific trade.

· Port of Oakland has expanded capacity and improved transportation services to accommodate more cargo containers, increasing business by 10% from container shipping company APL Ltd., a subsidiary of NOL Group.

The BABRT meeting will convene at 10:00 a.m. and speakers will include Dr. Diana Wu, Dean U.C. of Berkeley Extension and Joe Haraburda, President of the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

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BABRT Hosts Welcome Reception for Wife of the Former British High Commissioner to South Africa and British Labor Politician, Paul Boateng

On Thursday February 18, the Bay Area Business Roundtable (BABRT) will host a welcome reception for Lady Janet Boateng, the wife of Paul Boateng, former British High Commissioner to South Africa and British Labor Politician. The reception will be at the Joyce Gordon Gallery – 406 14th Street in downtown Oakland, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Light refreshments will be served.

BABRT Hosts Welcome Reception for Wife of the Former British High Commissioner to South Africa and British Labor Politician, Paul Boateng

Lady Janet Boateng is visiting the Bay Area to review the works and accomplishments of BABRT Board Member, Doris I. Mangrum, which includes an award-winning documentary film entitled, Stains – Changing Lives After Incarceration. The film deals with the effects of incarceration on children, youth, families and communities. It emphasizes rallying support for this often forgotten segment of our population.

Mangrum is also the author of After the Bungy Jump There’s Still a Lot of Jerking Goin’ On, a story of a mother’s eight-year term of incarceration and the challenges it presented for her and the family she left behind. As an advocate for disenfranchised families for over 25 years, much of Mangrum’s focus for the last 18 years has been centered on the plight of families affected by incarceration. She has appeared on numerous television shows and radio broadcasts, including View from the Bay, with Spencer Christian and Janelle Wang and she was recently quoted in the UK Guardian during the height of the Phillip Garrido kidnapping case. Mangrum is the host and producer of her own talk show, Let’s Saidiana, which airs every Saturday at 9:45 a.m. on KDYA—1190 AM.

Mangrum currently divides her time between her work as a Social Worker at a correctional facility and a Community Relations Manger for support services providing assistance to families affected by incarceration to keep them intact.

Lady Boateng is shadowing Mangrum to establish a similar program in Britian and to develop an international communications network to share best practices around families and communities that are strongly impacted by incarceration. Mangrum chairs the BABRT’s Community & Education Committee.

The BABRT is a 501(c)-(3) focused on fostering positive change and economic development in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Finding The Inner Entrepreneur In All Of Us

There have been more than 7.4 million more people unemployed since the economic recession began in December of 2007. Although the declines are beginning to moderate, there are still job losses reported in major industries (U.S. Bureau of Labor). As the leaves change colors and summer breezes turn cool, this is the season for personal change. Despite the highs and lows of the economic currents, now is the time to consider starting a business.

Go outside the comfort zone and “Discover the Inner Entrepreneur™” in You. We all have a passion, so turn that passion into a business in which you control – not someone else.

Jewish Families Services(JFS), S.U.C.C.E.S.S Program and Like Minded Moms(LMM), (a networking organization to help moms promote their businesses) are teaming up with Barb Girson, owner/founder MySalesTactics™ to bring to the community a guide to help them be self sufficient and build confidence–

With the support of these two organizations and the guidance of Barb Girson, participants can only succeed:

1) Jewish Family Services, a nationally accredited mental health, workforce, and social service agency that has been helping individuals and families, in both the Jewish and general community, face life’s challenges for nearly 100 years (2008).

2) Like Minded Moms, a networking group that strives to help their members grow their business beyond beliefs.

This innovative program, “Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur™”(DYIE), is an opportunity for interested entrepreneurs to attend, explore & determine if being an empowered, enterprising entrepreneur is for them! Barb has been a successful multi-million dollar business entrepreneur for 12 years and has a decade of senior management corporate experience. This program grew from Girson’s personal experience.

When Barb Girson was downsized one year ago from her last corporate position, she participated in the SUCCESS PROGRAM, which helps downsized workers find gainful employment. This JFS program offered tremendous support during her transition, and the current economic environment caused her to get creative. “I decided to take charge of my career and document my steps to teach others. No longer will my fate be determined by a board room decision,” says Girson. She decided she would take charge of her career and document her steps to teach others. No longer will her fate be determined by a board room decision. She developed a training program to help empower others to start their own business. To staff her firm, she is turning to other downsized workers to fill sales and marketing roles.

Teaming up with organizations such as, Like Minded Moms, and the Jewish Family Services has been one way to extend her reach and quickly establish her business. To show her appreciation, Barb contributes 10% of the course proceeds to Jewish Family Services.

My Sales Tactics, a professional skill development, training and consulting firm is offering a 4 week program, Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur™, that will help people explore various options available to start a business, evaluate what skills they have that might be marketable, determine how they should set up their office, and identify what resources they will need. At the end, they will be able to make an informed choice and have in hand an outline of what they need to do next, if in fact being an entrepreneur is for them!

New business ventures by entrepreneurs are expected to stimulate the economy. . According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (“GEM”) international research consortium the first global study of high expectation entrepreneurship has found that just 9.8 percent of the world’s entrepreneurs expect to create almost 75 percent of the jobs generated by new business ventures. To learn more or register visit

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Expert Edition Book On Amazon Kindle Helps Entrepreneurs Raise Capital For Their Start Ups

The Secrets of Wall Street – Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies”, Expert Edition, by Timothy Daniel Hogan was just published on AMAZON KINDLE by Commonwealth Capital Advisors.

Mr. Hogan has over 24 years experience in the Investment Banking and Securities Industry, held Six (6) NASD securities licenses and registrations primarily of “Principal” status. Mr. Hogan is a former Director of Compliance and Senior Trading Principal for North American Financial Group, Inc. a SEC Registered Investment Bank and Securities Broker. Chairman of the Investment Policy Committee for North American Capital Advisors, Inc. a SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm.

Mr. Hogan supervised the management of eight internal departments in relation to Federal and State(s) securities laws, as well as, overall firm productivity, operational systems design and technological implementation. Mr. Hogan has been a Founding Principal of seven entrepreneurial endeavors, including an eighteen-hole championship golf course and real estate development, a software development firm, other Internet related businesses, as well as, an investment banking company. He has held board and executive committee seats on various firms. His securities industry training started in 1984 with a few large securities brokerage and investment banking firms, such as, Merrill Lynch, E. F. Hutton and Shearson Lehman Brothers, now known as, Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney. Mr. Hogan holds a double major (Marketing & Finance) Bachelors of Business Administration from Grand Valley State University’s Seidman College of Business.

If you are determined to raise capital for your start-up or early stage company, this resource was made for you, and will open your eyes to the process that will get your company funded. It is the only resource available online that shows Entrepreneurs the whole process so they can successfully get the capital they need without wasting time or money where others fail. Get right to the source, and turn your dream into reality.

About Commonwealth Capital Advisors, LLC (CCA)
Commonwealth Capital Advisors (CCA) is comprised of former Wall Street Investment Bankers, Securities Attorneys and CPAs who invented Financial Architect®, a patent pending system designed to substantially reduce the cost (in time and money) of raising capital, through selling securities. The firm has provided conventional investment advisory services to public and private business since it was established in 1998.

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A Third of Workers would use Redundancy to Start a Business

Britain could be about to see a boom in new business start-ups as redundancy rates grow, according to, the dedicated SME comparison and switching service. New research shows that almost a third (31%) of workers would start their own business if made redundant in the near future. But this number could grow even higher, as over three quarters of people (77%) like the idea of using redundancy as an opportunity to start-up on their own.


The research shows that most people would use redundancy to change their life. Apart from going into business, two in ten (21%) would change or train for a new career, while one in ten (10%) would relocate abroad. Less than a quarter (24%) would try to keep the status quo by looking for like-for-like employment.

However, of all the options open to those facing redundancy, setting up a business is the most popular. And for many it would mean realising a lifelong ambition. Only one in ten people (13%) have never harboured entrepreneurial dreams. Two thirds of Brits (61%) have dreamt of running their own business, but have never acted upon it. Most gave up on the idea because they couldn’t afford to give up their regular salary (40%). Only a quarter (25%) were not confident that they could make it work[4].

The main attraction for would-be business owners is the idea of doing something they love and earning money from it – this appeals to almost half (46%) of people, while almost a quarter (21%) like the idea of the challenge. An independent-minded one in ten (13%) would relish the freedom of not having to answer to a boss.

Over a quarter (26%) would base their business on a hobby or activity that they really enjoy, such as gardening, decorating or designing, while 28% would be prepared to try something completely different to exploit a gap or opportunity in the market. 22% would simply take their current job, but do it for themselves rather than for an employer.

Enterprising Brits also appear to be ready to put their money where their mouth is – 67% would be prepared to invest part or all of their redundancy into a new business, with two in ten (20%) prepared to invest it all. And getting a redundancy payout could be the launch pad many budding entrepreneurs need – 14% of those who have dreamt of starting a business were prevented from going ahead because of lack of finance.

But while there is an air of optimism about redundancy and what it could lead to, people are still realistic about what it takes to run a business. They are fully aware of the potential downside, with 38% most concerned about lack of security in the current economic environment and 30% turned-off by the prospect of the red tape, regulation and bureaucracy. Only a third (36%) think they could do a better job of running a company than their boss.

Jake Ridge, small business expert at, says: “Being made redundant can act as a catalyst, pushing people to make life changes they may have previously only dreamed about, whether starting a new business or a new life abroad. In these instances it can have a positive impact on people’s lives, lifting barriers that have prevented them from fulfilling long-held dreams.

“61% of us have dreamt of starting a business but haven’t done so, mainly because of the fear of giving up a regular salary and because of lack of finance. As well as impetus, redundancy can provide the cash needed to finance a start-up and 67% of people would be prepared to invest some or all of this into their dream business.

“With this level of commitment, it is vital that people go into business with their eyes wide open. Getting the right advice and support is key, which is why we are offering a dedicated SME service. This provides free information and advice as well as practical tools to keep running costs low. Getting the right help upfront could make the difference between flourishing or failing – it could help keep many more dream businesses on track.”

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The Quickest Way To Start a Successful Secretarial Services Business

With the current economy, more and more people are looking for ways to add a second stream of income to their regular job or replace their job entirely.

Many people who have typing skills want to make money with at home typing and data entry work. But many are looking in the wrong places and they often fall for online typing and data entry programs. These types of programs will only pay them a commission when they sell someone else’s product as an affiliate. Don’t fall for promises of easy money. You’ll be disappointed.

One of the few ways to get legitimate typing work from home is to run a secretarial service business.

Are you wondering how to get started and how to get clients? A new guide will show you how.

Guide creator Leva Duell has been there: “I know exactly how you feel because I have been there. Fourteen years ago I bought a used computer with my credit card. Then, I had to figure out a way to pay off my credit card fast. So, I decided to provide secretarial and typing services from home. I learned as I earned and made many mistakes. This guide is the result of my experiences. I want to make it easy for you to start earning extra money quickly and bypass the mistakes I made.”

The guide covers things like:

– A step-by-step start-up checklist that will tell you exactly what steps to take and in what sequence.
– How to get clients, who your most profitable clients are and how to market to them effectively.
– Prewritten letters and postcards to promote your secretarial services.
– How to charge for your services. Get this right and you’ll be profitable. Get this wrong and you may find yourself without any clients.
– And much more…

Starting a successful secretarial services business does not have to be complex or expensive if you have a plan of action and follow it. And that is what this guide provides, from start to finish. By using this guide you can cut down the time it takes to get up and running and getting your first clients.

For more information go to

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Recession: The Mother of Invention

With the economy presently on the downswing, most people are looking for creative ways to increase their income or make up for a job loss. Small business owner and freelance writer, Julie Momyer, has addressed this need in a unique way by researching and assembling information on manufacturers interested in purchasing or licensing new product ideas and inventions in her newly released book, To Market To Market: Where to Sell or License Your Ideas, Products and Inventions.” (ISBN 978-1-59977-019-2)


Regardless of the economic outlook personal and business needs still exist, and with small business in the US generating more than half of the gross domestic product it is the private sector that has the capacity to deliver. Alana Semuels’, May 25, 2009, LA Times article, “Some Inventions Born Amidst Recession,” gives us a glimpse of how presently laid off Americans are using their ingenuity and creativity to bounce back by licensing or selling their inventions. The iTie, the Lid Punch, and Squishy Toes are only a few of the newly launched inventions resulting from job loss, and are a reminder of what ordinary people can do and have done to overcome in this economic downturn.

For decades new businesses have been birthed through the licensure or sale of innovative products and ideas contributing to individual finances as well as strengthening our national economy. To Market To Market: Where to Sell or License Your Ideas, Products and Inventions was written with this in mind. This directory simplifies locating manufacturers interested in reviewing unsolicited ideas with the possibility of pursuing a contract to purchase or license.

A small business owner and freelance writer, Julie Momyer, has several years of research experience in a number of fields with extensive practical knowledge and interest in small business and new product ideas.

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Lowest Priced Franchise Kits and Documents Online

Franchise the Easy Way has published on their website: The Lowest-priced Franchise Kits and Franchise Documents available Online (even lower than E-Bay)!

Since Franchise the Easy Way entered the market three years ago, it has lowered the cost of franchising materials 300%. Ask any of their competitors!

Offered on their website are some of the hardiest to find Franchise Documents. Documents such as the Master Franchise Area Development Agreement and an International Franchise Agreement.Find that anywhere else if you can?

Franchise Disclosure Documents

USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia

Coming soon are Franchise Documents for the United Kingdom for ONLY $49.00 This is the lowest price anywhere in the world for Franchise Documents regardless of the country! The UK Franchise Disclosure Document is an International Franchise Agreement with special wording for the UK. Such areas as VAT are included for the Franchiser.

These Franchise Documents can be purchased in order to support the Novice Franchiser in setting up his Franchising Corporation or the more adventurous Franchiser looking to expand into International Markets. TheBusinessStartUpKit offers it all in nice well thought out Franchising Kits.

For the more timid they also offer On-site at your location Franchising Help for $6,500. You can have one of there Franchise Consultants Help Franchise your business in two weeks! The cheapest and quickest Franchise Consulting in the Business! or E-mail: and for
two weeks on site Franchise Help see:


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Why Are Med Spas Falling Short When It Comes To Getting The Clientele That Traditional Day Spas Are Getting?

Med Spas who want to gain new, long term clients may be missing an important aspect of marketing in their existing campaigns.

Thanks to, these secrets are now readily available for any Med Spa Director to use and profit from.

First, consider the current aging trend in America. Thanks to Hollywood, the concept of “anti-aging” has created a profusion of Peter Pan hopefuls searching for eternal youth. With an arsenal of products and procedures that allow us to wage war on the affects of time, med spas are emerging everywhere.

In an industry flooded with competition, what secrets are Med Spas missing that can help them target consumers and maximize profits and long-term growth?

Secret # 1: Identify potential customers

Almost every one shares the common goal of being attractive and youthful, but how do you identify which of those people will pay to achieve that goal?

Start by examining your current client list. What common traits do your current customers have? Once understood, simply target other potential customers who share these same characteristics.

Utilize electronic media to identify potential customers. Locate these individuals in blogs, chat rooms, and forums geared towards health and beauty.

Secret # 2: Educate potential customers

In a vanity-obsessed world, finding individuals who want to look their best is easy. But with med spas being a fairly new concept, many beauty industry clients are unfamiliar with the products and procedures a Med Spa offers.

Educate your current clients on new procedures to increase repeat business. Stock your waiting area with as much literature as possible, including articles on med spa procedures written by key staff members. Don’t forget to include beauty magazines geared to anti-aging and evolved beauty procedures such as New Beauty. These magazines educate readers on the very procedures offered by med spas, and inspire these women to want to look their best.

Offer your time at wellness fairs where you can answer questions and leave special offers in the form of a coupon.

Reach even more potential customers by offering to write a short article for a website focused on the beauty industry. In your articles, include a definite call to action and use your name as a link back to your own website.

Secret # 3: Know what your customers are thinking

Take time to understand your customer’s goals. What are their expectations after they receive treatment?

Follow up with your customers after their procedure. Find out if they are happy with the results. Send customer feedback forms through email to get your customers view of you and your services.

Many possible customers might feel a little scared off by the term “med” spa. The word med makes people think of the doctors office which is at times unpleasant. Ask customers how they feel about visiting a med spa compared to a traditional day spa and calm any fears they might have. Consider marketing your business as an “anti-aging” spa or “advanced beauty” spa instead.

Secret # 4: Get the word out consistently

Create a buzz in the market place by joining a networking group specific to your industry.

Be diversified in your advertising portfolio. Don’t limit your marketing to magazines and newspapers. Advertising your business on the web will consistently increase the number of potential customers you reach and as a result, grow profits.

Include a printable coupon or special offer in your online advertising to encourage potential customers to schedule an appointment.

With our society’s desire for youth and beauty, your Med Spa has great potential to succeed. Don’t fall to the wayside in today’s competitive market. Following these simple strategies will help you rise to the top.

Rebecca Park-Stinson

About AZ
We find beauty in every person, and believe that if given the proper cosmetic tools and advice, every woman can become drop-dead gorgeous. That is our mission and we take it very seriously at

How many times do you peruse beauty and fashion magazines, read about the latest cosmetic and beauty procedures offered by salons, med spas and cosmetic surgeons, but have no idea where to find them? Well, now you do. was created for the woman or man who wants to look and feel their best.

AZ Beauty has spent months researching all of the latest and greatest providers in the Arizona beauty and cosmetic procedures scene.

At AZ you’ll learn about every type of beauty treatment imaginable. Each treatment is explained in detail. We’ll even let you know the best places to get each treatment, no matter what you’re looking for.

We’ve taken the guess work out of looking beautiful and made cosmetic beauty in Arizona easy. Look and feel your best, starting now. Visit today.

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