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Publish your novel at a fraction of the cost with Gladiator Publishing Company

Seneca, Missouri, USA, 2018-Feb-03 — /EPR SMALL BUSINESS NEWS/ — Need your Novel Published but the Prices are too high? Gladiator Publishing Company offers services at a fraction of the cost with a Pay-as-you-go plan fit for any budget.

The field of Self-Publishing has been overpriced for way too long, until now. Gladiator Publishing has vowed to always work for the writer and never against. Double the service for a fraction of the price. Contact one of our Account Managers today for your no-obligation consultation at (

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Network Compatible ezCheckPrinting Makes Printing Checks Easier, Faster, More Affordable

Now multiple users in a small business can enjoy the simplicity and powerful features of ezCheckPrinting without risks of overlapping data or duplicate check numbers.

Louisville, Ky.-based has recently released a new version of its popular small business check printing software that allows multiple users to access the same check printing database. This new feature eliminates the worry of duplicate check numbers and other banking errors that can be caused by overlapping data if checks are printed from separate installations.

ezCheckPrinting is popular with small businesses because it is easy to use, is affordable, and saves time compared to writing checks by hand or using complicated software – especially when paying bills or writing payroll checks.

“We found most software on the market were too complex and too expensive for small business owners,” said founder Dr. Ge. “We believe small business owners should focus their time and energy on running their businesses, not trying to figure out how to run the software. We wanted to build something that was user friendly, super simple, affordable & totally risk free.”

The latest version of ezCheckPrinting also has more permission levels than previous editions. This feature allows multiple users to write checks without risk of altering check formats, bank information and other central data. Only a user with administrative permission can access that important root data, giving companies a new level of check printing security and flexibility.

Also new to ezCheckPrinting are check and paystub formats for QuickBooks. Selecting the QuickBooks format option on the Print Blank Check page will automatically format checks for use with QuickBooks, saving users time and money.

Still affordable, still FREE to try

ezCheckPrinting is still the most affordable check printing software for small businesses that still has all the robust features a business needs. The single-user stand-alone is just $24. ezCheckPrinting with network compatibility is just $99 for up to five users, or $159 for an unlimited number of users.

And the best of all, user can even get the single-user version for free through TrialPay offer.

As always, trying ezCheckPrinting or any software from is free. Customers can download the software for free at and test its features as long as they like. The trial version contains all the features of the full version, but prints “DEMO” on checks. Purchasing a license key unlocks the full printing function for unlimited use.

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Print Bank Checks at $0 with ezCheckPrinting

The main advantage to small business owners who use check writing software is that it saves them money in a variety of ways – and that is especially true during these economic times. and TrialPay have teamed up to give small businesses and families a new way to get the check printing software for free – legally. Consumers can now get full version ezCheckprinting software or ezCheckPersonal software when they try or buy an offer from one of TrialPay’s 2,000 blue-chip advertisers.

Print Bank Checks at $0 with ezCheckPrinting

With this special offer for free check writing software and free check paper, a user’s total cost for the bank checks can be $0 if he already has a laser computer.

ezCheckPrinting software is check designing, writing and printing software for small to mid-sized business. This software was intentionally engineered for those end-users who are not professional accountants and computer experts, so it is very simple and user friendly. Check printing software saves users money on checks. ezCheckPrinting will work with any blank/preprinted computer check paper with 8-1/2″ X 11″ size.

ezCheckpersonal is the personal version check printing and designing software.

“Everyone loves getting free software. But through our partnership with TrialPay, consumers can get their favorite software for free and get something else they want
in the process,” said Dr Ge, the founder of “It’s a remarkable way to treat our customers to free software, while ensuring that the software’s copyrights are properly obtained.”

TrialPay is a revolutionary e-commerce payment platform that lets people pay for products online by buying or trying something else. Through TrialPay, visitors can get the license key of business or personal check printing software by completing one advertiser offer, such as signing up with Blockbuster, buying clothes from Gap or signing up for an American Express credit card. With thousands to choose from, there’s a TrialPay offer for everyone.

This offer is available through recurring promotions at or by visiting

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Eco-Friendly Printing – The Answer To Reducing Our Carbon Footprint On This Planet

Have you noticed how much printing there is all around you? Everything is printed, from the letters on the keyboard of your computer, the news papers and magazines that you read on a daily basis, business cards, flyers, brochures, money and checks, your clothing and its tags, posters and advertisements on the street a all the way to that lovely pattern on your kitchen floor. The list is endless! Eco-Friendly printing can make all of those products greener.


Eco-Friendly printing is achieved by using Green Certified substrates (such as paper and other materials) which either comes from tree farms (trees grown for the sole purpose of producing paper) or has a high content of recycled material. In addition, one of the most important components is soy based inks, which are 100% organic. With our modern technology, soy based inks can achieve the same color intensity, durability and brightness than conventional VOC releasing (volatile organic compound) inks which are solvent or oil based. Or even worse, Chinese printing, their inks have a high content of lead. Many U.S. magazine companies are now printing in China to save money, there is nothing wrong with saving a few bucks, right? Well, the problem is that we are killing the planet by using conventional printing and also our selves. Think about it, when you hold a magazine in your hands and you flip through it, how many times do you take your index finger to your mouth to get some moisture, so that the pages stick better and you can keep flipping through the magazine? Every time you do so, you are eating lead! On top of that, the printing industry employs more people in the U.S. than the car manufacturing industry, and now it is being outsourced to China.

While it is more expensive for printing companies to produce Eco-Fiendly products, the benefits of doing so are significant, and ultimately responsibility is not just good for our planet, but good for us as well. Today in the U.S., there are a few companies out there that will absorb this overhead cost and print “Green” at no extra cost to the consumer. A great example of such a company is Best Press, based out of La Jolla, CA., Best Press, not only does it create American jobs, but it gives businesses, corporations and consumers the option to print Green at no extra cost. Their pricing is extremely reasonable, and in most cases below industry average. So if you are in need of some business cards, flyers or any other printing for your self or your business or corporation, look no further than an environmentally conscious company, your children will be glad you did so!

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Identity Checks Celebrates The Thrills Of Warm Weather With Its New “Endless Summer” Product Suite

The new design features vivid drawings by artist Paul Brent on personal checks, self-adhesive address labels, personal contact cards and a checkbook cover that all correspond and complement one another.

Identity Checks is known for its wide variety of check designs that includes a little bit of everything. With designs for hobbies, international destinations, universities, and more, Identity Checks appeals to a large selection of customers. The addition of the new “Endless Summer” check design, which features the artwork ofPaul Brent, will expand the existing assortment and fit right into the special interest category of the website.

On October 17, 2008, Identity Checks released the new “Endless Summer” check design through its website, The new designs feature colorful drawings by Paul Brent, a very talented artist that specializes in nautical art. The personal checks offered with this new pattern consist of four rotating scenes with illustrations of surfboards, classic cars, palm trees, Hawaiian shirts, a beach, and dancing dashboard hula girls. Each design is full of color to give a bright and relaxing feel to the checks. The self-adhesive address labels are identical to the personal checks in featuring all the scenes, while the personal contact cards and fabric checkbook cover each portray only one. The contact card features two Ford Woodys with surf boards on top while the fabric checkbook cover portrays a line of brightly colored surf boards lined up on the beach.

Even if a beach-themed check design is not for you, Identity Checks is sure to have something you will love. Whether you are part of the military or simply like a certain NHL team, Identity Checks is certain to have a product or check design for anyone. Visit the site today and find something that truly fits your personality!

About Identity Checks:
Since its beginning, Identity Checks has grown tremendously to include many different designs and products. Its main focus has been to give supporters of various interests one more way to show their pride for something they believe in. Whether it’s hunting or raising purebred dogs, Identity Checks has something for everyone. Browse through the site and you are sure to find something you love!

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Lifechecks Expands Its Already Beautiful Collection To Include The New “Zen Lotus” Product Suite

LifeChecks is known for having uplifting check designs that often feature Scripture verses. These personal checks offer consumers a way to express their religious beliefs. “Zen Lotus” fits into the existing LifeChecks line with its magnificent images of lotus blossoms and words to live by.

On October 9, 2008, LifeChecks released the new “Zen Lotus” check design through its website, With pink, yellow, green, and purple backgrounds, the personal checks feature gorgeous lotus flowers in full bloom. In addition to the lotus blossoms, the check design also portrays gentle reminders to always be loving, healthy, mindful, and respectful of others. The corresponding self-adhesive address labels are identical to the checks while the personal contact cards feature a purple background with an open lotus beneath the words “be mindful.” Additionally, the canvas checkbook cover features a large pink lotus against a similar pink background.

With so many outstanding designs that feature enlightening words and artwork, LifeChecks is able to appeal to the likes of many consumers. Because it offers religious and spiritual designs, LifeChecks is able to set itself apart from other check printing companies. These check designs will brighten the day of anyone that sees them. A visit to the site is sure to bring something you love and will want to share with everyone.

About LifeChecks:
Since its inception in 1999, LifeChecks has prided itself on offering religious and spiritually based check designs. By combining beautiful artwork with uplifting messages and Bible verses, LifeChecks is able to help many people spread their beliefs in a subtle and meaningful way. To view all the amazing designs, visit the site and find something that you love!

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“Trail Of The Painted Ponies™” Designed Personal Checks Available At Artistic Checks

The imaginative work of many well-known artists is the inspiration for the designs offered by Artistic Checks. Through the Masterpiece Collection, the company is able to increase the artistic nature of its products. The Trail of Painted Ponies™ design is one more way for Artistic Checks to stand out creatively from other companies.

The Trail of Painted Ponies™ began in 2001 with an art project in New Mexico that invited painters from all over the country to portray their talents. Their blank canvases were not paper, wood, or any other common material, but life-size, fiberglass sculptures of horses. The finished works of art were so beautiful and unique that they inspired the creation of The Trail of Painted Ponies™. Today, new designs are created regularly. Both original and recently created masterpieces are available on small figurine horses that can be purchased by admirers everywhere. The Trail of Painted Ponies™ celebrates the inspirational power of the horse by inviting the best artists in America to let their imaginations run wild on the “canvas” of elegant horse sculptures. Details:

On October 7, 2008, Artistic Checks launched its “Trail of the Painted Ponies™” design through its website, The personal checks offer four rotating scenes of some of the masterpieces created for The Trail of Painted Ponies™. The artwork includes the titles of “Heavenly Pony,” “Renewal of Life,” “On Common Ground,” and “I Dreamed I Was A Blue Horse” with the respective sculpture in the background. Additionally, Artistic Checks is offering address labels in these designs. The graphics that appear on the self-adhesive labels feature the heads of the same horses that appear on the checks. The personal contact cards and checkbook cover presented with this product collection portray one design each. The personal contact cards feature “I Dreamed I Was A Blue Horse” in front of a starry sky and the checkbook cover portrays “Renewal of Life” against a matching rainbow background.

Keeping within the creative theme, Artistic Checks offers a large selection of beautiful check designs and other banking accessories. The Masterpiece Collection is growing rapidly with the addition of “The Trail of Painted Ponies™” design and all of its matching accessories. A visit to Artistic’s site is sure to find you something you love!

About Artistic Checks:
The name says it all with Artistic Checks. As a company offering check designs by world-renown artists since its acquisition in 1998, Artistic Checks provides many imaginative patterns. Through its Masterpiece Collection, the company is able to portray the magnificent work of many well-known artists. If you are a contemporary art fan and want to make your bill-paying more interesting, visit Artistic Checks for all your financial needs!

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Ryan Browning Received His Certification From The Acfe To Further The Opportunities Of Custom Direct And Its Ezshield Products

As Custom Direct continues to grow with new EZShield programs, the need for Certified Fraud Examiners is imperative. Because it is the only international organization that operates solely to prevent and resolve fraud-related occurrences, The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners was the best opportunity for Custom Direct. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is the leading anti-fraud corporation and has been fighting against fraud for over twenty years. The ACFE works to increase the knowledge about fraud through the education of professionals everywhere. By doing so, the ACFE strives to reduce the incidence rate of corporate fraud.

Ryan Browning, a graduate of Towson University and former U.S. Army Combat Engineer, is currently the only professional at Custom Direct to become a Certified Fraud Examiner. In order to acquire this certification, Mr. Browning had to pass an exam of approximately 525 questions that related to fraud legislation, investigation, and prevention. Mr. Browning and the Custom Direct organization have many expectations for his new certification. Through the AFCE, Custom Direct will receive information and training on the newest trends in fraud. These updates will allow Custom Direct the opportunity to combat fraud by developing or revising EZShield products. Also, this certification will put affiliates and business partners at ease when dealing with Custom Direct and its EZShield programs.

When asked about his new CFE status and the benefits that it will bring to Custom Direct and EZShield, Mr. Browning said, “Our job at EZShield is to develop fraud prevention and protection products and programs that are not only the recognized vanguard in functionality, but also the leader in platform integration and reporting flexibility.”

About Custom Direct:
Offering an array of products, Custom Direct is an environmentally friendly company that has been operating since 1992. Initially only producing checks, Custom Direct has grown to produce other stationary products, custom designed and printed products, and anti-fraud services. With so much to offer, Custom Direct truly has something for everyone.

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Image Checks Offers A Collection Of Banking Accessories That Feature The Classic Cartoon Cat, Pink Panther

The Impressions Collection by Image Checks features many vibrant and fun designs for collectors and enthusiasts of a wide variety of brands. With offerings like “Vintage Sodas” and “My Little Pony”, the new addition of the Pink Pantherpattern will fit right into the Impressions line! The personal checks feature the Pink Panther in four sleek poses against patterned backgrounds of pink, purple, yellow, and orange. The designs are very eye-catching and show the true attitude of this lovable character.

The Pink Panther brand has remained well-known and loved for decades. Beginning as a “short,” not a full-length film, the Pink Panther grew into not only a cartoon series, but also into a movie franchise that features many celebrity superstars in lead roles. With the most recent movie release in 2006 and an upcoming one in 2009, both starring Steve Martin, the Pink Panther continues to capture the love and laughter of many generations.

Our transformation of this fun loving character from the big screen to a product suite launches on July__, 2008 through the company’s website, The self-adhesive address labels will mirror the designs of the checks, while the personal contact cards and checkbook cover will feature only one picture of the cool cat.

Through the Impressions line, Image Checks is able to further please its customers with specific designs that appeal to enthusiasts of many brands. The Pink Panther product collection is only one more way to enhance the Impressions collection.

About Image Checks:
Whatever your banking needs, Image Checks is sure to have a product for you. Offering personal checks in both the regular and top-stub style, which is available in all designs, Image Checks provides a wide selection of designs for the interests of all customers. Come visit the site and find the perfect design or collector’s item for you!

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Giggleprint Releases Folded Holiday Greeting Cards As An Extension Of Its Current Collection

As a new company, GigglePrint is striving to become a one-stop shop for everyone’s printing needs. The company is already offering personalized invitations, announcements, business cards, and other printed products for business and personal uses. One of GigglePrint’s main objectives is to allow consumers the ability to personalize products according to their needs and individual tastes. The addition of the new folded format for greeting cards gives users one more choice when customizing their cards for special occasions.

On September 5, 2008, GigglePrint introduced its new folded greeting cards option. New designs will be added throughout the fall to enhance the selection available to consumers. Also, the new folded option will allow users to customize both the front and/or inside of the greeting cards. GigglePrint is providing both small and oversized greeting cards that can be ordered in flat or folded formats. The greeting cards are printed in increments starting at ten and shipped with free white envelopes. Prices start at just under $8 depending on the quantity and type of finish (linen is slightly more expensive). Additionally, customers can upload their own photos and logos to select designs for a small fee. Specific prices and product measurements can all be viewed at

GigglePrint continues to modify its product selection based on the printing needs of all consumers. Offering custom printed products at affordable prices is what sets GigglePrint apart from its competitors. The addition of folded greeting cards will give consumers another option in the designing of their cards for special occasions. A trip to GigglePrint’s site will show you how fun customizing your own stationary can be!

About GigglePrint:
Since its creation in 2007, GigglePrint has focused on providing custom printing services to small businesses and individuals alike. With a wide assortment of products, GigglePrint tries to appeal to the needs of all consumers. By continually adding new designs and products, GigglePrint is hoping to draw the attention of any person in need of individualized printing. Visit the site today and see what printed materials you may need!

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