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Inovar to present Vertical Convergence and SME Business Manager at the 6th annual Zain Technology Conference


“Moving Forward” in strategy execution is primary focus of this year’s Zain Technology Conference.

Amman, 2016-Dec-06 — /EPR Network/ — Inovar, a premier provider of differentiated and modular mobile solutions, will be discussing Vertical Convergence and showcasing SME Business Manager, one of the latest additions to the industry leader’s portfolio of innovative mobile solutions, as well as the company’s entire portfolio of mobile solutions. Inovar’s strategy for the past 20 years has been to provide dynamic, feature-rich mobile solutions that are easy to implement and easy to use, helping mobile operators capitalize on existing network revenue streams while moving forward into the new digital space seamlessly by converging new and existing technologies, enhancing user experiences, and increasing customer loyalty.

“Inovar is excited to return as a participant and reconnect and meet with Zain Opcos and potential partners at this year’s Zain Technology Conference” Arshad Syed, CEO of Inovar, stated. “Our mission has always been to help our customers and partners thrive by providing customized solutions designed to help mobile operators grow new and existing revenue through seamless convergence.”

Zain Group CEO, Scott Gegenheimer said, “We operate in a highly competitive industry, where the margin between success and failure is very thin. We are required to push ourselves constantly, and together with trusted partners we devise new operating models to deliver the best quality service to customers. This is why events such as ZTC are so important in aligning Zain’s ambitions to become a digital lifestyle provider of choice with our technology partners’ roadmaps and expectations.”

With Inovar solutions, mobile operators have the ability to enhance user experiences and add value with ease through personalized service combinations and robust mobile apps to offer customers with a truly digital experience and rich data analytics across multiple market segments.

Inovar, founded in 1996, and based in Dallas, Texas, is a leading provider of mobile solutions for mobile network operators worldwide. For more information about SME Business Manager or about Inovar’s entire suite of proven and valuable solutions, visit, email, or call +1.972.664.0711.

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Moonbasa and ITA to Bring U.S. Fashion Brands to China

Partnership Provides New e-Platforms for Brands Interested in Selling to China

Los Angeles, CA, 2016-Aug-09 — /EPR SMALL BUSINESS/ — The International Trade Administration (ITA) has partnered with Moonbasa, a large China-based e-commerce company, to support a digital platform dedicated to U.S. brands interested in selling to the Chinese market. This will provide U.S. companies with an opportunity to open a web store on Moonbasa’s e-commerce platform, and also give them an opportunity to participate in a three-day online-to-off-line (o-to-o) experience at Moonbasa’s flagship digital store in Shanghai.

According to Kim-Bang Nguyen, Director, Export Promotion and Strategic Business Alliances for the Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) at ITA, “China is a difficult market to penetrate, especially for small- and medium-size businesses. We believe Moonbasa, an e-commerce platform with a dedicated ‘U.S. Brand Mall’ and full-service commerce solutions, is an effective way for these businesses to create a new channel of distribution in China.”

Moonbasa is a China-based fashion-only e-commerce platform with an all-inclusive turnkey service. It launched a ‘U.S. Brand Mall’ last year supporting more than 25 small-to medium-sized U.S. brands. Such brands currently on the platform include Ocean Current, Taylor and Sage, Janet Chung, Band of Gypsies, and Halo. An o-to-o operation, Moonbasa is slated to open 15 more brand stores this year.

Moonbasa will be exhibiting at WWDMAGIC in the Las Vegas Convention Center August 15-17 in booth 73500 Central Hall, and welcomes U.S. fashion brands to learn about this opportunity. Brands can also contact Barbara Graff, or Kim-Bang Nguyen,
for additional information.

moonbasa logo
Moonbasa/barbara graff,
2300 E. 11th st.,
p: 805-630-0585,,,com,

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Introducing Social Marketplace

Evyral’s social shopping place has hit the market – share fine art, handmade goods, vintage, digital or manufactured items.

Rapidly growing due to the ease of use and interactive online shopping community features, Evyral is designed to bring buyers and sellers together. Evyral provides a social platform for entrepreneurs and business owners to share their own creations and products with customers around the world. Registering with Evyral allows you to participate in a social marketplace where you can buy and sell products while connecting with other community members. With your Evyral account you can setup your own storefront and sell your items. You’ll gain full access to the complete set of user interaction features, including the ability to create both a unique personal and shop profile, “follow” other users, maintain a “favorite” items list and “treasury,” share videos, comment, message, and share feedback with community members.

Dedicated to providing quality services and creating an environment of inspiring and innovative ideas, Evyral has created an open and accessible community; a network where people can connect, compare, and share products and services used today. Browse our collections, buy products online and have the ability to contact shop owners directly with questions or requests. The Evyral browsing experience guides buyers through our inventory in a fun and intriguing manner. When you need to search for specific items, the search categories will help guide you – search by color, style, price, location, or date added. Once you’re logged into you’re Evyral account, you can setup your own storefront and start selling your products, customize your store, add your items and start selling today!

Why Evyral?

Open Your Shop in Minutes!

Set up a storefront and begin listing your items with Evyral within minutes.

Sell Your Goods:

Evyral allows members to sell physical or digital goods. Sell both tangible and digital products in just a couple of clicks!

Add to Treasury!

The Treasury allows members the ability to create themed favorite lists with unique properties and link them through social networks, forum signatures, etc. Enhance the popularity of your store and products by providing fresh, actual links to your marketplace.

Connect With Your Customers:

Easily connect with your ideal audience & receive notifications whenever you list a new product, make an update, or add a new shopping category! Unlike Amazon or other online marketplaces, Evyral enables its members to follow the activity of their favorite sellers.

Buyers find what they’re looking for:

Our professional filtering system allows buyers to easily select the type of product they are looking for and quickly discover what best suits their needs.

Connect & Share with Facebook:

With over 1 billion users globally Facebook is the biggest single market in the world. Evyral provides a facility for Facebook users to easily register and login, share links to products, stores and pages on their timeline.

Share with Twitter:

Tweet and share your favorite Evyral product images, videos, & downloads for additional advertising. Grow your audience with Twitter – a real-time information network.

Effective Sales Channel:

Unlike Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, the Evyral social marketplace converts your social connections into real sales.

Get in Touch:

Connect quickly with other members of the community. Evyral members can send direct messages from user profiles or product listings.

No Listing Fees:

List unlimited products with Evyral and only pay a small seller commission after your product/s sells.

Competitive Seller Fees:

Evyral charges a 3% commission across all categories and only after your product sells. Our competitors typically charge 3.5 – 25 %.

Receive Direct Payments:

Connect your own Paypal account with Evyral or directly through your bank account to receive payments after each sale. Evyral does not hold payments and does not have access to your personal banking information.

Extra product flexibility:

Evyral gives more options to buyers to select from and gives sellers the opportunity to offer items with different item properties – sizes, colors, materials, fabric types, etc.

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Two Entrepreneurs Claim To Be Making $100,000 On Online eStore – Every Month

Two entrepreneurs, who recently launched “Amazing Selling Machine” (see review at in the United States, claim to be earning $100,000 online from a major online retail outlet every month by following a system that involves selling products on the e-commerce retail behemoth, tapping into their evolved and tested platform, software and payment processing facilities.

Amazon’s e-commerce initiative encourages independent vendors to take advantage of their infrastructure and offer their own products for sale to a vast global audience. The company presumably gets paid a share of the profits from each sale, making it a win-win proposition for both sides.

What should be exciting for entrepreneurs is the scale and scope of what is possible with the right approach to setting up an online store on the giant virtual selling platform. In their newly launched course, these groundbreaking entrepreneurs are revealing their exact system for students to duplicate their success.

“Amazing Selling Machine” is a course that launches on September 20th, 2013 and will show the exact step-by-step system to setting up an online selling system on the Amazon e-commerce virtual marketplace. A detailed explanation of who this program is ideally suited for and an “Amazing Selling Machine” review are now live on the Web at

There are a series of 4 free videos that go deeper into the process and can be viewed by anyone without payment or even an opt-in email address. Can “Amazing Selling Machine” really help you sell $100,000 a month online? Find out in this Amazing Selling Machine review at where we look at a brand new course on online selling which reveals the secret behind how two enterprising young men have built an online business which reportedly pulls in $100,000 every month.

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Location Analysis – The Missing Perspective That Helps Businesses Make a Difference is an online mapping tool that promotes location analysis. The team behind firmly believs that understanding location data will help companies drive the proliferation of the values that can be extracted from it. As users create a map, they not only see a bunch of markers all plotted together by sets,’s enhanced mapping capabilities maximize the use of mapping technology allow them to view a different kind of data visualization that initially helps them identify connections, patterns and stories that can make up their decisions for better business management.’s features for location mapping are easy to use. In fact, says Fred Kunze, head of the Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education, “This is just great! I am presenting a session to a group of new Geography teachers, and I’m sure they will be able to use to get kids more involved in map making. It works as advertised, is fast and easy to operate!”

Online Location Mapping Features is in the unique position to help companies from different fields use location analysis as an integral step to establish effective business marketing. Below are some of the most useful features of the online mapping website:

Create a map’s easy mapping tool allows the users to create a map in less than 3 minutes. It uses simple copy-and-paste method to reduce the time spent on map building and devote more time in location analysis. This feature has been one of the reasons why more and more companies rely to as their online mapping tool.

Add multiple locations data sets

The integration of different data sets on a map allows the users to clearly identify sets of patterns and connections integral to decision-making. When users view the connections between data sets, they are able to conceptualize practical and more-targeted marketing strategies to win customers and promote their business.


Companies will find more meaning with location analysis when they heatmap using’s easy heatmapping features. The online mapping tool is packed with territories to use so that Plus users can take full advantage of creating heatmaps by boundaries based on their address locations data. As easy as creating a map, heatmapping takes only minutes using

The integration of location analysis into business decisions for marketing and management will increase the potentials of understanding their market and be more focused on what’s necessary. Using’s online mapping features allow companies to experience life-long success.

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Maps by Zip Codes Through Online Mapping Help Companies Manage Teams

To gain business, entrepreneurs should have a knack of winning potential customers’ attention. They should be able to project the needs of customers and execute a plan to achieve their goals. A reliable tool like online mapping site is an easy-to-use BI tool that can readily help businesses win more customers. It allows its users to create a map based on location-target markets. By doing so, users can help their customers understand how the business will aid them every step to success.

Direct sales and marketing departments would want to make sure that their sales and managers are in the sales forefront in their respective territories. Business heads can tie-up with to create unlimited maps by zip codes. This will give their teams the necessary visuals on what strategies to take, plans to create and ideas to implement.

Online Mapping Solutions for Local and Targeted Marketing Issues

“ is the easiest, most affordable and most flexible mapping solution for my web site I could find. Within 30 minutes I had my map up and when I hit a snag, customer service was right there to help. Thanks for making what I thought would be a mega job into something so easy!” That was well-said by Inez Steele from Realty Guild.

To be true to its commitment to make mapping simple, develops features that are user friendly and at the same time drive results better and faster. It makes creation of maps with zip codes possible in less than 5 minutes using one from the long list of territory zip code sets in the US. Direct sales organizations can customize their maps to give way to more in-depth analysis based from the individual performance of their sales agents.

Aside from US Zip Code territories, businesses can also take advantage of creating maps with zip codes like the 3-digit zip codes and PUMA territories.

Add-On Values by Online Mapping

Share Maps

To help the teams focused on one goal, maps by zip codes created through can be shared by team managers to their sales agents. This gives them access to view an exceptional data visualization and can immediately act upon not only to meet the goal but moreso, to exceed expectations for them.

Embed a Map

Company owners have the option to embed a map on their websites. It significantly plays as a guide to all teams on which areas they should focus.

Direct sales companies can maximize their efforts by using online mapping to monitor where they should focus each sales team, to identify opportunities, protect assets and create new and innovative ideas to promote the business.

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Michael Blakey & Paul Grant speaking on EFactor Business Bootcamp June 21

A day full of succeeded Entrepreneurs and the Best Funding Experts in the field, Michael Blakey & Paul Grant!

Want to learn more on what to do when you are on theEntrepreneurial Frontline? Or how Bootstrapping can be an effective way to run your operations? What Investor Types & Funds are out there? And what are the Legal Aspects of Investments? Sign up now for EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT, lunch & drinks included!

We provided you with a special program with some great names in this industry:

John Spindler CEO of Capital Enterprise. John has had over 15 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and business advisor/consultant and as well as being responsible for the day to day management of Capital Enterprise is also a director and co-owner of audio designer and manufacturer Ferguson Hill.

Michael Blakey: has been a successful, active, early-stage investor in the UK since 2000 and having invested in some 17 businesses and realized 3 profitable exits to date. Co-investing with his brother, Simon, he is responsible for all our marketing and deal origination activities. Michael was voted by AngelsNews as “the Business Angels You should now”.

Paul Grant: is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded his own London based company through private equity and debt finance. He managed to build a network of over 500 business angels at Capital Partners Private Equity Ltd and more recently at BA Capital Ltd, during which time he never ceased to assist young businesses with fundraising and coaching. He is also the founder of “The Funding Game” seminar series, which offers practical guidance and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking capital for early-stage and growing ventures.

Jaan Larner: is a business minded lawyer at Keystone Law with an MBA from Oxford University. He is a corporate and commercial lawyer with a particular interest in entrepreneurial activity. He advises clients on their corporate structures as well as their on-going day-to-day commercial activity. Jaan qualified as a Solicitor in 1997.



Please Eva Hukshorn for your questions.

Lunch and drinks are included in the event price.

This event is sponsored by RBS, Capital Enterprise and Keystone Law To attend this event being a member of EFactor is mandotory, you can sign up (for free) on

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Perfect for College Students & the Unemployed, Angels of Mercy Foundation Launches New Directory of Over 670 Work-from-home Opportunities

Angels of Mercy Foundation has developed and made available a new 42 page directory of over 670 firms who have work-from-home opportunities available. These opportunities are perfect for college students, the unemployed or anyone at least 18-years-old in need of additional income. The data has been fully researched and includes links for immediate access. A bonus 17 page paid survey work directory is also included. Daily income is guaranteed if the individual is willing to work from their personal computer on a regular basis.

The work-from-home firms are in need of survey takers, mystery shoppers, data entry clerks, email processors, information research clerks and more. The bonus survey work directory includes hundreds of survey companies willing to pay people immediately after they complete surveys online. The directory costs $25.00 for the general public and $20.00 for high school/college students and senior citizens (age 55 and over) via to access your directories. After your payment is received, a ‘Thank You for your Purchase’ page will appear with two (2) links for downloading your ‘Work-From-Home-Directory and PAID Survey Directory. You will have access immediately.

Interested parties need to have a computer with internet access, a printer, a telephone and a prepaid debit card that accepts direct deposits. More information about acquiring a prepaid debit card with free immediate activation should click here: This prepaid debit card program will issue the user’s direct deposit banking information, immediately. Users will be able to write online checks through the program and they will receive the prepaid debit card in 5-7 days. This is the, only, prepaid debit card program that provides a Second Chance Checking Account for those individuals who need to write checks.

About Angels of Mercy Foundation

Angels of Mercy Foundation specializes in helping people in every area of their lives. Right now, they are dedicated to helping those individuals who have been out of work for several months and students, housewives, etc., who need supplemental income. Their market research has enabled them to develop these new directories. They have researched hundreds of companies around the world that spend huge amounts of money trying to understand how people think and shop, why they buy certain products, etc. This acquired information helps these companies improve their products and services.

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New Player in the Market Will Compete with LinkedIn

Rumors have abounded about’s professional profile site’s imminent introduction to the World Wide Web. Still under development, it boasts the world’s largest business database with over 145 million personal professional profiles from around the world—that’s more than LinkedIn which is currently estimated to have just over 125 million professional profiles.

What makes Masterseek’s profile database so competitive?
Masterseek is already the largest B2B search engine, with 40 million more businesses listed than the nearest competitor and growing at a faster pace.’s service is free, like most similar databases. Where it differes is in its ability to allow businesses full control over their profile. In addition the actual search functions are more intuitve, with more accurate local results or global results if that is the user’s search preference.

This is what has attracted so many businesses, and so many professionals to the website. Upon launch’s professional profile section is fully expected to perform as well as the business search portion of the site. It seems to be the natural evolution of a business search engine, that it should incorporate professional profiles as well. However other sites have not done so, at least not to this degree. There in lies the power of Masterseek, and why it is expected to replace LinkedIn at some point in the near future.

How will Masterseek’s professional profiles work?
Currently it is very similar to LinkedIn it looks like. As of now the primary difference is in the numbers. Masterseek already has more, and if past growth is any evidence it will soon be one of the new places to search for professionals. Masterseek’s site is also free and it gives users control over their own profile. It is expected to use Masterseek’s primary search engine application from the business listing side of the site. If so expect it to have faster, more complete, more specific and more accurate search functionality both locally or for any specified geographic search.

We got a hold of Masterseek President Rasmus Refer who preferred not to comment on current plans,

“We are working on many new activities with the objective to become the largest global provider of business information, but cannot tell you more about our plans right now” –Rasmus Refer

Despite details being kept close to the vest, we have dug up a number of key points:

• Masterseek will have more profiles right off the bat as mentioned, 145M to LinkedIn’s 125M.
• It will use a different search platform, if it is the same as the Business Listings section it will be faster, more accurate and more comprehensive locally and globally.
• Listings will be 100% free.
• Those making a profile will have as much or more control to share information than those using LinkedIn.

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UK entrepreneurs praised by Prime Minister David Cameron

Last week, Prime Minister David Cameron praised UK entrepreneurs for being brave enough to follow their dreams in becoming freelance workers.

At a speech in Central London, David Cameron spoke of responsible capitalism, criticising the former Labour government for making a Faustian pact with the city. He went on to speak of how he admired “the bravery of those who turn their back on the security of a regular wage to follow their dreams and start a company”, adding that he believed the UK was “fizzing with business potential”.

“When people take risks, with their own ideas, energy and money, when they succeed in a competitive market where anyone can come and knock them off their perch at any time, we should celebrate entrepreneurs,” he said.

Figures released yesterday by the Office for National Statistics revealed an increase in the number of people prepared to start their own business and become entrepreneurs, while also showing a figure of over 100,000 people registered as independent workers in the three months to November 2011, taking the total number of self-employed workers in the UK to 4.2 million.

The determination of entrepreneurs to start up their own companies has provided a welcome boost to the economy during this challenging economic environment. In addition to the new business entrepreneurs, an increasing number of self employed freelancers have emerged from wide spread redundancies, helping to combat unemployment figures. With many unemployed skilled individuals choosing to work in the freelance market, small businesses have been able to benefit as they can easily access a diverse talent pool of freelance workers capable of providing the necessary skills and service to help successfully launch their business.

Research carried out by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) found that 27% of start up companies struggle to find staff, with there being a particular problem with school leavers who fail to have basic qualifications in literacy and numeracy. This, of course, presents problems for businesses, as candidates applying for jobs are simply not employable – which is where outsourcing to freelancers has proved useful.

OutsourceMyProject is an example of a freelance outsourcing website that offers such a service. It provides a platform where entrepreneurs can advertise their requirements and gain access to skilled freelance labour at competitive prices.

OutsourceMyProject is also popular as a result of opening up the global marketplace for professional services across a wide range of sectors, and therefore helping businesses and self-employed individuals to decrease their costs significantly by outsourcing. These savings are made possible by outsourcing work to low cost economies with a highly talented skill base (e.g. India for IT services and back office support).

Through OutsourceMyProject, there is complete freedom and flexibility for entrepreneurs to appoint their preferred professional and work on agreed terms to suit both parties. Connecting not only entrepreneurs and professionals from around the globe, but also providing a payment platform, associated project management facility and messaging system, OutsourceMyProject prides itself on open and clear communications.

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Free And Low Cost Online Tools Website Just Launched For Low Cost Budget Marketers

Minneapolis, Minnesota, Prince Samuels, the founder of the free and low cost online tools to help those in need of marketing better businesses and the tools it requires to succeed on the worldwide web. There are easy to use tools for both offline and online marketers that save them time and money because the research is already done. After years of looking for these tools, I believe more people will get the help they need for success.

Starting a home based business is not as easy as it seems to most people. There are many stories of great successes for those who know what they are doing. You need the help from someone who’s been there and doing well to lead you to success. Getting your business off the ground is a big step for anyone. It’s easy to get tools and resources you need to build your online business. Time is of essence and many people don’t have the time to do the research for these free and low tools for their business and this is where our website comes in. The Gurus marketers had used these same tools to build successful and help others do the same. One of my online marketing mentors is Ann Sieg, the creator of the Renegade network Marketer. Most of what you see on my website I learned from her.

I have put lots of time in the past two years to help many people with these tools. My passion is in helping low budget marketers. I believe not everyone has the time and money to have access to these tools that’s why I dedicated my time to build a simple website for those that want to succeed online. There are so much tools and business opportunity popping up every month and people are confused about which ones to pick exactly, but don’t get confused just focus on the specifics. Six figure earners have used these tools to make incredible wealth on the internet. Hopefully these resources will help you for a better 2012 and beyond. May my website help You and your friends. Our website services are available at:

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American Verified Home Inspections Help Make That Buying Property a Solid Investment

American Verified Home Inspections, a team of experienced and dedicate cincinnati home inspectorprofessionals are continuing their mission to help every home buyer make the right decision, by stressing the importance of a thorough and effective pre-purchase home inspection.

The company claims that, when buying a home, choosing the right home inspector is just as vital as choosing the right financial planner.

That’s why the company carry out only the most thorough of inspections and provide each client with a detailed report of their findings.

Their experience covers all aspects of home inspections, allowing them to advise both buyers on any type of property – whether new or old.

As the company preach, a thorough home inspection will give any buyer peace of mind, and safeguard their investment:

“I recognize that the home buyer of today is more knowledgeable and demands the best in professional Home Inspectors. The time worn techniques employed by Home Inspectors in the past have become outdated in the age of the informed consumer. As a Professional Home Inspector I take pride in every property inspection and perform in and every Inspection report on” says the company owner.

The company’s services are certainly far reaching and valuable, making the prospect of hiring a home inspector attractive to even the most discerning of buyers.

To find out more about their services, and to book your home inspection today, please visit:

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More Small Business press releases Celebrates Christmas with $99 Link Building Packages

Christmas is an expensive time, and the team at SEO-Peace play Santa, by giving the gift of savings back to their clients. The company have announced a host of very attractive Christmas offers, including link building packages for just $99.

Understanding the need for business to continue in the midst of an expensive upcoming Christmas season, Search Engine Optimization experts,, have launched a very merry range of heavily discounted Christmas SEO packages.

Priced at just $99 a piece, there’s a range of useful services on offer to boost any business to the top of Google – with packages ranging from articles, blog posts and linkwheel – right through to high quality niche contextual posts.

To make the packages even more festive, each comes with a free link building gift – ranging from a free Squidoo to free articles and hubs. Of course, being priced so low, there’s more money left in the bank for any business owner to spend on Christmas.

Sunita Biddu, SEO-Peace’s CEO, explains why the company felt it was important to open such a generous offering:

“Christmas is an expensive time for even the most wealthy of business owners, and ironically it is also a time where business can be a little quiet- meaning less money is flowing into the bank” she says. Miss Biddu continues “So, we have created a series of SEO packages that are affordable, and heavily discounted. Our hope is that they will be gentle on the cash flow, and position businesses in a healthy ranking for the start of a busy 2012 season”.

SEO Peace is regarded around the world as experts in their field. The long-established company places a very special focus on fast-turnaround, value for money and unparalleled, solid customer service.

“We don’t want to be a company without a human face. Therefore, we choose to listen to each of our clients and treat them as friends. We find we can do better business this way, and provide a more useful service to them” adds Sunita.

The discounted link building services are sure to be popular, so ensure to book while spaces are still available.

More information about this offer and all of the company’s services can be found at

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Increasing Number Of Graduates Choosing To Freelance

According to official data published by the Office for National Statistics, youth unemployment rose by 114,000 between July and August 2011, with a total of 2.57 million people unemployed this year alone. With this recent release of figures revealing a shocking 17-year high, it’s not surprising to hear of the increasing number of graduates choosing to freelance, rather than struggling to find a job that suits their degree in one of the most competitive marketplaces society has seen for a long time.

Additionally, figures have shown that it’s not just graduates who choose this path, as students are following in their footsteps in order to pay for the degree they’re studying for. With so much competition even for the less desirable jobs out there, it’s clear to see that many young people find it easier to simply source their own work and manage their own workload. With university fees always increasing, freelancing gives students the opportunity to effectively earn their spending money, consequently keeping their debt to a minimum.

The opportunity for students and graduates to do exactly this is a direct result of technology, whilst also being thanks to the extent it has advanced over the past five years. This advancement in technology has created a market for the concept of outsourcing, which works by effectively being the middleman between freelancers seeking work and companies seeking freelancers.

Loren Holland, Managing Director of a new online outsourcing company, OutsourceMyProject, said: “My business partner and I set up OutsourceMyProject earlier this year, with an aim of opening up the global marketplace for professional services, across a wide range of sectors.

“OutsourceMyProject enables both small and medium-sized businesses, as well as entrepreneurs and individuals to successfully outsource business at home and abroad. Significant savings are made by companies who outsource work in this way, especially when work is outsourced to those living in low cost economies, such as India. This is because many professionals living here are highly talented with impressive skills, especially when it comes to work that involves either IT or back office support.”

OutsourceMyProject operates by allowing freelancers to become members of the site. They can then bid on any projects that interest them. These projects are posted onto the site by various companies and individuals who have work available to outsource, such as web design companies looking for a freelancer web designers, or firms looking for freelance copywriters to write fresh content for their website. Whatever the task and whichever type of freelancer the company is looking for, OutsourceMyProject is one of several outsourcing sites offering this highly effective service.

Loren added: “OutsourceMyProject provides the platform for companies to post details of the work they’re looking to be completed, after which the freelancers registered on the site can then bid for it. The company is then able to pick and choose the freelancer they feel best matches the skills needed to complete the job to the required standard, which can sometimes result in just a one-off job being given to the freelancer, or a long-term working relationship developing instead.”

Outsourcing also helps many other people too, such as those who are unemployed, regardless of age, who are able to gain income through freelancing. Although unemployment figures are high, many unemployed people want to work, but simply can’t secure a job. Freelancing through an outsourcing company offers a variety of jobs based on an individual’s skill set, helping people to not only earn extra money, but to feel worthy and valued again.

In a world where securing a job can feel impossible at times, freelancing has been invaluable for many people, and will undoubtedly continue to be invaluable for many more people in years to come.

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Magga Products Sponsors Volusia Manufacturers Association Upcoming Manufacturers Expo 2011

The Volusia Manufacturers Association’s Manufacturing Member, Magga Products, becomes a platinum sponsor of the VMA’s upcoming Manufacturers Expo 2011.

Magga Products recently became a platinum sponsor for the upcoming Volusia Manufacturers Expo 2011. Magga Products is a world class manufacturer of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) custom and classic machinery. Magga Products was founded in 1978 by Rick Morgan, who had the reputation as one of the nation’s leading machinists with over 50 years of experience.

CNC machinery basically involves five elements:

•  design,
•  Computer-aided Design (CAD),
•  Computer-Aided Manufacturing ( CAM ),
•  Controlling, and
•  Machining.

Design involves thinking and planning the item you want to build. CAD (Computer Aided Design) involves translating your design into the computer. CAM involves setting the tool path and precision machine operations necessary for the manufacture of the desired object. A CAM system usually seeks to control the production process through varying degrees of automation. Because each of the many manufacturing processes in a CAM system is computer controlled, a high degree of precision can be achieved that is not possible with a human interface. Controlling involves knowing and directing your machine’s motion. Your machine’s motion type is dependent upon the machine but the most common types are rapid motion (positioning), straight line motion (linear interpolation), and circular motion (circular interpolation). There are many more elements involved in controlling such as compensation types, offsets, and so on, so it’s important to find someone who has experience in CNC such as Magga Products. Finally, the last element of CNC is machining or actually building your desired object to its specifications.

CNC machinery touches almost every form of manufacturing process in one way or another, and CNC machines typically replace or work in conjunction with some manufacturing processes. The more labor intensive processes can truly benefit from CNC by reducing the stress and strain of extreme, repetitive, manual processes on the manufacturing operator.

Magga Products has been strictly in the CNC machinery business for over 30 years in Daytona Beach , FL , and has a full line of equipment and world class machinists to complete any custom order. Introduction of CNC came about in the early 1970’s, and Magga Products has been a leader in this technology since its introduction. Magga Products fills orders for as small as a single prototype part or up to production runs of thousands of parts, and everything in between. Services include CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC water jet and plasma cutting, CNC Screw machine, Ultrasonic machining and drilling, precision lapping and grinding, reverse engineering with the latest AutoCAD software, complete welding and sheet metal fabrication, CMM measuring, and 3-D inspections. Magga Products fabricates standard alloys such as standard stainless steels, stainless, aluminum, titanium, and numerous exotic metals, and also a variety of plastic materials. Machine types include numerous CNC machining centers, CNC mills, CNC lathes, CNC Water jet cutting, CNC Plasma, High-speed drill/tap machines, CNC band saws, numerous MIG welders, TIG welders, shears, brakes, presses, and more.

Magga Products has been actively involved with the Volusia Manufacturers Association for many years. Magga Products President/ CEO, Maggie Morgan, served on the Volusia Manufacturers Association Board of Directors for over 3 years and won the 2008 VMA Karl Schiller Member of the Year Award. VMA’s President/CEO, Jayne Fifer stated, “ Magga Products has been a valuable member of the VMA, supporting local manufacturingthrough sponsorship of many VMA programs and activities and through their custom CNC machinery services . Magga Products is always willing to be a leader for local manufacturing causes and dedicated to making local manufacturers successful. ” Magga Products is located at 1512 State Avenue, Suite A in Holly Hill, FL, their website Magga Products and can be reached at either 386.676.1080 or email address.

The upcoming Volusia Manufacturers Expo 2011 will be held on September 22nd, 2011 from 3:00 – 8:00 P.M. at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center. Participating Manufacturers will have the opportunity to showcase their talents or products to other manufacturers or expo attendees. Manufacturers additionally can interact with other local manufacturers. Attendance for the VMA Manufacturing Expo is free , but you need to RSVP for the event at Manufacturers interested in participation can also download the table maps on this same page, with parking information also provided. Table placement is on a first come, first serve basis. A news broadcast from Volusia Magazine’s Business Beat and a video from the Daytona State College Center for Business and Industry can be watched on this page from last year’s event.

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Volusia Manufacturers Association- Sparton Sponsors Fifth Annual Manufacturers Expo 2011

Sparton is a supplier of sophisticated electronic and electro-mechanical products, sub-assemblies and related services to the highly regulated Medical, Defense & Security and Aerospace markets. Sparton Complex Systems provides the defense and aerospace markets with engineering services, rapid prototyping, circuit board assembly, and secure turnkey production services.

Mark Madore, Director of Operations for Sparton Electronics Florida, Inc. is serving his second term as the Chairman the VMA.

Sparton is an end-to-end manufacturer that draws on more than 100 years of experience and is one of the largest broad-based providers of complex and sophisticated electronic and electromechanical products having strong platforms in prime contracts, instrumentation, defense and security, medical, and printed circuit board electronics. Sparton can start with new product development including industrial design, design and manufacturing engineering, and complete the life cycle with manufacturing, distribution, and field service of unique electronic devices that are built to very exact tolerances. Sparton can even continue manufacturing services for the entire product life cycle. Sparton designs complete devices, subassemblies, and disposables and can complement an OEM team to fill technology gaps in fluidic and diagnostic devices. Sparton has been involved in the Volusia and Flagler County communities for many years and also the Volusia Manufacturers Association, even having a few employees serve various roles on the VMA Board of Directors.

The VMA Manufacturers Expo is the only place to find local Daytona Beach manufacturing suppliers and service providers all under one roof! This unique event facilitates open discussion among manufacturers and participants, encouraging cooperation amongst local manufacturers to create extraordinary and successful business potentials. Manufacturers have opportunities to showcase their talents or goods to attending participants. Manufacturers additionally can interact with other local manufacturers.

Attendance for the VMA Manufacturing Expo is free , but you need to RSVP for the eventat Manufacturers interested in participation can also download the table maps on this same page, with parking information also provided. Table placement is on a first come, first serve basis. A news broadcast from Volusia Magazine’s Business Beat and a video from the Center for Business Excellence can be watched on this page from last year’s event.

Those Volusia Manufacturers Association Members who are Platinum sponsors for the 2011 VMA Manufacturers Expo are the Daytona Beach News Journal, Volusia County Florida Economic Development, Center for Business Excellence, Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Florida Power & Light, James Moore & Co., Magga Products, Sparton Electronics, TD Bank, Innovative Service Solutions, Macro Transport and FloMet LLC.

“The VMA Manufacturers Expo has been hugely successful over the last four years, allowing local companies to draw on local manufacturing skills and talent to support local businesses and the local economy,” says Jayne Fifer, President/CEO of the Volusia Manufacturers Association . Fifer also said, “We are proud of our local manufacturing talent and proud to host this year’s event to show the importance of Daytona Beach Manufacturers.”

The Volusia Manufacturers Association has been dedicated to supporting local Manufacturing Companies for over 30 years. The Volusia Manufacturers Association is committed to local manufacturers and dedicated to providing information, education, and networking opportunities for the manufacturers in Volusia County and the region.

For more information, please check out or contact Jayne Fifer directly. There are additional opportunities for sponsorship. If interested, please contact Jayne Fifer.

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The Co-operative And Care International Launch Innovative Three-Year Partnership To Support Female Entrepreneurs In The Developing World

The Co-operative and CARE International UK today have officially launched an innovative three-year partnership, which will see £1.5m channelled to support entrepreneurs in the developing world by the end of next year – the majority of whom will be women.

The innovative scheme, called, encourages people in the UK to lend relatively small amounts to small scale entrepreneurs running their own enterprise in developing countries. As opposed to making a one-off donation, people are encouraged to lend money to the entrepreneurs who repay the lender using the income from their growing business. Once repaid, the lender can then choose to recycle the loan to support another entrepreneur or withdraw the money.

The Co-operative and CARE International UK have set the ambitious target of leveraging £1.5m of loans by the end of 2012.

Dragon’s Den panellist and entrepreneur Deborah Meaden is a ambassador who travelled to Cambodia in March 2011, to see firsthand how is helping people work their way out of poverty.

Deborah said: “I believe that providing the opportunity and framework for people to help themselves is the only sustainable way forward, and I saw this very clearly on my trip to Cambodia. The people there are willing to work to repair their lives; they just need even the smallest of leg-ups to get them started. It’s great news that The Co-operative is working with CARE International to support”

Paul Monaghan, Head of Social Goals at The Co-operative said: “As a co-operative we believe in helping people to trade their way out of poverty. In the same way we pioneered Fairtrade, our support for will hopefully lead the way in helping to turn entrepreneurs’ plans into life-changing opportunities.

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Small Businesses Must Capitalise On Mobile Sales Boom

Britain’s leading online parcel delivery specialist has called on small businesses to take advantage of the boom in sales through smartphones.

Recent research has shown that more and more consumers are prepared to buy products through their mobile phones and are enjoying the freedom that mobile shopping offers. Bolton-based Parcel2Go helps businesses of all sizes organise shipping to countries across the world and suggests that small firms should take a proactive approach when it comes to building an online presence.

People are now using their mobile phones to do so much more, from surfing the internet to using social networking sites. Figures released last week by online research specialist comScore revealed that 13.5 million mobile users across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK accessed mobile retail sites in the three months ending May 2011. In Britain, the number of smartphone users accessing mobile sites has increased by 163 per cent over the past 12 months.

Online retail site eBay expects global mobile sales to hit $4bn by the end of 2011, double the value of goods sold in 2010. The UK market has been one of the fastest adopters of the technology and an increasing number of businesses now find they have to meet eBay parcel delivery requests following purchases made via mobile phones.

Richard Mercer, Director of Marketing at Parcel2Go, said: “There is little doubt that the retail world is changing rapidly. Smartphones have become commonplace and consumers in the UK have adopted m-commerce technology quicker than many people would have anticipated.

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Volusia Manufacturers Association – Believe it: Manufacturing Jobs Do Exist Locally!

The Volusia Manufacturers Association’s President/CEO, Jayne Fifer, discusses the current pulse of manufacturing in Central Florida and the United States. This article was also presented as a guest commentary post in the Volusia Flagler Business Report, July 25, 2011.

The imbalance between the skills manufacturers need and the job seekers continues to grow. Newspapers report the skills gap shortage all over the country. Jobs go unfilled for months. A Georgetown University professor, Harry Holz, recently reported to Congress on manufacturing’s skilled worker shortage. “The ratio of job vacancies to new hires in manufacturing is higher than we find in any other major industry group, suggesting that employers are having some difficulty filling their newly created jobs,” Holtz told the hearing. “On its own, our system of higher education will not produce enough skills needed by American workers to prosper. Our education and work force systems largely operate in isolation from one another,” he added. “I submit that it is not an education and work force system problem. It is a public relations problem.”

Earlier this month, it happened again. While waiting for some copies to be made, the woman standing next to me reading my flier about a Volusia Manufacturers Association event asked what VMA was. Of course, I was only too happy to fill her in. She was surprised because she didn’t know there were any manufacturers here in Daytona Beach area.

Then the very next day, I was talking with my neighbor, who has a 16-year-old son, and she was asking how my business was going. I told her it was going great, manufacturers are hiring and growing and poised to lead us out of this recession. In fact, I told her, many could not find the skilled workers, particularly engineers. Her reply, “That is surprising, I didn’t think there were many manufacturers left in America. I thought they were all in China.” Unfortunately, this happens quite a bit.

People just do not know that manufacturing is alive and thriving. What they hear is all the jobs moved overseas. What they see is all the commodity products that say “made in China.” They don’t know about the research and development that happens in America. Or the intricate products that are made here. This is what they do not know about US manufacturing. If manufacturing were a separate economy, it would be the eighth largest economy in the world. The United States is the largest manufacturing economy, producing 21 percent of global manufactured products — or one in every five dollars. China is second at 13 percent. In our state (Florida), manufacturing is a key economic driver. Florida is the 13th largest manufacturing state. We are one of three net exporting states due in large part to manufacturers. There are over 15,000 Florida manufacturers employing over 350,000 highly skilled workers who on average earn 125 percent of state’s average wage. The manufacturing sector is responsible for about 5 percent of the gross state product. In Volusia County, the manufacturing sector represents over 5 percent of our market. The average wage is $42,441 compared to the total average of $35,936. There are about 400 manufacturers.

Volusia manufacturers export to every continent in the world except Antarctica. Our manufacturers are major players in highly visible events. For example, Teledyne Oil and Gas (formerly Ocean Design) in Daytona Beach helped close the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico. Hudson Technologies in Ormond Beach makes products sent into space. Products made at the Sparton Electronics plant in DeLeon Springs help find black boxes when flights go down in the oceans. Thompson Pump in Port Orange is helping to open the Panama Canal that will bring a tremendous amount of trade opportunities to Florida. A large percentage of our manufacturers have less than 15 employees. It is small business that provides the steadiest economic development. Manufacturing jobs require skills in technology, engineering, math, critical thinking, creativity, ingenuity. We will need more and more people with those skills. Yes, some jobs did go overseas, but they are coming back, as the cost of quality and the logistics costs keep increasing. Our schools offer many manufacturing education and training programs. Call Daytona State College, the University of Central Florida’s Daytona Beach campus, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Bethune-Cookman University and ask if they have manufacturing education programs and you will find that they do. The problem at the University is that the classes are not full, because people don’t think there are opportunities in manufacturing. They are wrong because there are. Tell your 16-year-old, manufacturing is here and it is here to stay.

The above commentary was provided to the Volusia Flagler Business Report by Jayne Fifer, current CEO/President of the Volusia Manufacturers Association. The Volusia Manufacturers Association (VMA) is the longest-serving manufacturing trade association established by Volusia and Flagler County Manufacturers. The Volusia Manufacturers Association is dedicated to keeping its members informed on current state legislation that impacts their businesses and providing opportunities for businesses to connect. For more information about the Volusia Manufacturers Association, please contact Volusia Manufacturers Association or Jayne Fifer at 386.673.0505.

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AtTheMatch Launch A New Sport Of Business Networking Site

A new approach to online business networking has been set up, with the hope of bringing sports fans together to conduct business. AtTheMatch’s free business networking approach, allows sports fans to ‘meet’ in online stadia. An Arsenal fan, for example, joins the Arsenal stadium and is placed in touch with fellow Arsenal fans to discuss not only the latest news, but potential business opportunities.

Members are encouraged to roam different stadia in a bid to develop business networking groups. AtTheMatch suggest that “whatever your sport, whatever your team, we have a stadium to create the best business networking environment.” The idea is to create a business networking site with a more human aspect, by capitalising on those that already share a common passion.

Upon registering at users create their own profile which enables fellow users to locate them through a search engine, allowing connections to be made through a variety of avenues, including location, industry or team of choice.

Founder of AtTheMatch, Simon Maurer, believes his business networking site could fill a void in the market. “Thousands of fans will watch their teams side by side for years on end, but will often be unaware of the opportunities to conduct business with each other. Whether small businesses are looking for business networking tips, or larger companies are looking to form business networking groups, our website is the perfect solution.”

Business networking websites are not new, but the concept of bringing together sports fans on an exclusive business networking site could soon change the way fans view each other.

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