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Michael Blakey & Paul Grant speaking on EFactor Business Bootcamp June 21

A day full of succeeded Entrepreneurs and the Best Funding Experts in the field, Michael Blakey & Paul Grant!

Want to learn more on what to do when you are on theEntrepreneurial Frontline? Or how Bootstrapping can be an effective way to run your operations? What Investor Types & Funds are out there? And what are the Legal Aspects of Investments? Sign up now for EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT, lunch & drinks included!

We provided you with a special program with some great names in this industry:

John Spindler CEO of Capital Enterprise. John has had over 15 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and business advisor/consultant and as well as being responsible for the day to day management of Capital Enterprise is also a director and co-owner of audio designer and manufacturer Ferguson Hill.

Michael Blakey: has been a successful, active, early-stage investor in the UK since 2000 and having invested in some 17 businesses and realized 3 profitable exits to date. Co-investing with his brother, Simon, he is responsible for all our marketing and deal origination activities. Michael was voted by AngelsNews as “the Business Angels You should now”.

Paul Grant: is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded his own London based company through private equity and debt finance. He managed to build a network of over 500 business angels at Capital Partners Private Equity Ltd and more recently at BA Capital Ltd, during which time he never ceased to assist young businesses with fundraising and coaching. He is also the founder of “The Funding Game” seminar series, which offers practical guidance and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking capital for early-stage and growing ventures.

Jaan Larner: is a business minded lawyer at Keystone Law with an MBA from Oxford University. He is a corporate and commercial lawyer with a particular interest in entrepreneurial activity. He advises clients on their corporate structures as well as their on-going day-to-day commercial activity. Jaan qualified as a Solicitor in 1997.



Please Eva Hukshorn for your questions.

Lunch and drinks are included in the event price.

This event is sponsored by RBS, Capital Enterprise and Keystone Law To attend this event being a member of EFactor is mandotory, you can sign up (for free) on

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New Player in the Market Will Compete with LinkedIn

Rumors have abounded about’s professional profile site’s imminent introduction to the World Wide Web. Still under development, it boasts the world’s largest business database with over 145 million personal professional profiles from around the world—that’s more than LinkedIn which is currently estimated to have just over 125 million professional profiles.

What makes Masterseek’s profile database so competitive?
Masterseek is already the largest B2B search engine, with 40 million more businesses listed than the nearest competitor and growing at a faster pace.’s service is free, like most similar databases. Where it differes is in its ability to allow businesses full control over their profile. In addition the actual search functions are more intuitve, with more accurate local results or global results if that is the user’s search preference.

This is what has attracted so many businesses, and so many professionals to the website. Upon launch’s professional profile section is fully expected to perform as well as the business search portion of the site. It seems to be the natural evolution of a business search engine, that it should incorporate professional profiles as well. However other sites have not done so, at least not to this degree. There in lies the power of Masterseek, and why it is expected to replace LinkedIn at some point in the near future.

How will Masterseek’s professional profiles work?
Currently it is very similar to LinkedIn it looks like. As of now the primary difference is in the numbers. Masterseek already has more, and if past growth is any evidence it will soon be one of the new places to search for professionals. Masterseek’s site is also free and it gives users control over their own profile. It is expected to use Masterseek’s primary search engine application from the business listing side of the site. If so expect it to have faster, more complete, more specific and more accurate search functionality both locally or for any specified geographic search.

We got a hold of Masterseek President Rasmus Refer who preferred not to comment on current plans,

“We are working on many new activities with the objective to become the largest global provider of business information, but cannot tell you more about our plans right now” –Rasmus Refer

Despite details being kept close to the vest, we have dug up a number of key points:

• Masterseek will have more profiles right off the bat as mentioned, 145M to LinkedIn’s 125M.
• It will use a different search platform, if it is the same as the Business Listings section it will be faster, more accurate and more comprehensive locally and globally.
• Listings will be 100% free.
• Those making a profile will have as much or more control to share information than those using LinkedIn.

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Free And Low Cost Online Tools Website Just Launched For Low Cost Budget Marketers

Minneapolis, Minnesota, Prince Samuels, the founder of the free and low cost online tools to help those in need of marketing better businesses and the tools it requires to succeed on the worldwide web. There are easy to use tools for both offline and online marketers that save them time and money because the research is already done. After years of looking for these tools, I believe more people will get the help they need for success.

Starting a home based business is not as easy as it seems to most people. There are many stories of great successes for those who know what they are doing. You need the help from someone who’s been there and doing well to lead you to success. Getting your business off the ground is a big step for anyone. It’s easy to get tools and resources you need to build your online business. Time is of essence and many people don’t have the time to do the research for these free and low tools for their business and this is where our website comes in. The Gurus marketers had used these same tools to build successful and help others do the same. One of my online marketing mentors is Ann Sieg, the creator of the Renegade network Marketer. Most of what you see on my website I learned from her.

I have put lots of time in the past two years to help many people with these tools. My passion is in helping low budget marketers. I believe not everyone has the time and money to have access to these tools that’s why I dedicated my time to build a simple website for those that want to succeed online. There are so much tools and business opportunity popping up every month and people are confused about which ones to pick exactly, but don’t get confused just focus on the specifics. Six figure earners have used these tools to make incredible wealth on the internet. Hopefully these resources will help you for a better 2012 and beyond. May my website help You and your friends. Our website services are available at:

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More Small Business press releases Celebrates Christmas with $99 Link Building Packages

Christmas is an expensive time, and the team at SEO-Peace play Santa, by giving the gift of savings back to their clients. The company have announced a host of very attractive Christmas offers, including link building packages for just $99.

Understanding the need for business to continue in the midst of an expensive upcoming Christmas season, Search Engine Optimization experts,, have launched a very merry range of heavily discounted Christmas SEO packages.

Priced at just $99 a piece, there’s a range of useful services on offer to boost any business to the top of Google – with packages ranging from articles, blog posts and linkwheel – right through to high quality niche contextual posts.

To make the packages even more festive, each comes with a free link building gift – ranging from a free Squidoo to free articles and hubs. Of course, being priced so low, there’s more money left in the bank for any business owner to spend on Christmas.

Sunita Biddu, SEO-Peace’s CEO, explains why the company felt it was important to open such a generous offering:

“Christmas is an expensive time for even the most wealthy of business owners, and ironically it is also a time where business can be a little quiet- meaning less money is flowing into the bank” she says. Miss Biddu continues “So, we have created a series of SEO packages that are affordable, and heavily discounted. Our hope is that they will be gentle on the cash flow, and position businesses in a healthy ranking for the start of a busy 2012 season”.

SEO Peace is regarded around the world as experts in their field. The long-established company places a very special focus on fast-turnaround, value for money and unparalleled, solid customer service.

“We don’t want to be a company without a human face. Therefore, we choose to listen to each of our clients and treat them as friends. We find we can do better business this way, and provide a more useful service to them” adds Sunita.

The discounted link building services are sure to be popular, so ensure to book while spaces are still available.

More information about this offer and all of the company’s services can be found at

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UK-based Sharp End Training Joins Forces With WOW Network Alliance For Worldwide Business Benefits

The WOW Network Alliance, a member-based networking and development community for women, announced that Sharp End Training has joined WOW Network team as its exclusive Professional Training & Advanced Education Partner.

This agrreement means WOW Network members to draw on the valuable expertise of Sharp End Training’s dedicated network of websites as well as leaders in countries such as the United Kingdom, USA and Australia said President/Founder of WOW Network, De Harris.

“We’re excited that our members will have access to even more practical tools to aid in their personal and professional development,” De Harris said.

Jonathan Senior, the brains behind the Sharp End Training developed Sharp End Training IN 2004. The worldwide virtual training company covers all aspects of small business ownership and management. He has a degree in Organization Studies Jonathan is a Chartered Manager and a member of the Chartered Management Institute UK.

Pat Weber heads Sharp End Training, USA, and is an award-winning, top-selling salesperson and sales manager. She coaches individuals who find it difficult to or are reluctant to sell. Weber helps her clients to speak with more confidence, deliver effective presentations and increase sales. Her guidance gives them a working knowledge of how to play up their strengths and minimize feelings of inadequacy. Weber is an avid networker in her local community WHERE? and has been recognized by Peninsula Women’s Network and awarded the “Networker of the Year.” She is one of only two members who have received this recognition twice in its 30-year history.

For more information about Sharp End Training, visit

Apart from Jonathan Senior and Pat Weber the WOW Network Alliance’s partners include such recognized names as Biba Pedron, Monique MacKinnon, Kathy Cobb, Mary Chatman, Terrice Blackwell, Gena Livings and Becky Harmon with Beverly Lewis of Slingshot Success.

Contacts and Networking for Success

The basis of any successful networking effort is a good contact list. That is a list of people that can help you in your business and career. Most successful women get that way because they have such a list. That means you need to make creating one a priority in your life.

The first and most important step in creating a contact list is to make the contacts. This is done everywhere at the office, during your work day, on sales calls you make, at meetings of the National Association of Professional Women, at functions including PTO meetings, church. Every time you run into somebody that could help your career or business: write down their name and contact information. Then put it into a list that’s easy to read.

Make Your List
The best way to do this is to do it on your computer. Use the program that you prefer and keep it current. Some people like e-mail programs like Outlook while others will use a simple word document. If you get business cards, scan them into your computer and keep them on file. You can also store them in a Rolodex.

Make sure you back up your contact list so you can access it if your computer isn’t available. Try a backup program such as Dropbox or Deja Dup for this. You can also create free documents through Google Docs.

Each Entry on Your List Should Contain the following information:

•  Person’s name properly spelled
•  The organization that they work for
•  Their title
•  An e-mail address
•  A Phone Number

That’s all you will probably need. Keep it simple and you should be able to contact them when needed. Keep in touch and get updated information if they change phones or jobs.

Be very careful about how you use your list, don’t send advertisements to the people on it and don’t contact them every time you’re looking for donations for your favorite charity. That will simply annoy the people on the list and turn them against you. Instead only contact them when it is important or you have something that can help them. For example if you’re looking for a job.

Also keep contacts meaningful, if you’re looking for a job only send your resume to people in your industry. If you’re making sales contacts only contact those you know work in purchasing or might buy from you. A contact list is one of your most important keys to success so do not abuse it.

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Keeping The Momentum Going In Business

There’s no successful business without goals. Goals set the direction. It gives you focus. But having a direction and focusing on getting there is not enough. There has to momentum too. Momentum is the consistency with which you follow your goals. It is about aggressiveness in getting to your destination. And once you get there, you start setting new goals again to keep the momentum going. Big corporations started out as small companies powered by goals and continued to set new goals for the business to grow.

The following are simple steps you can follow to keep your business momentum going.

Pursue your goals. Setting goals and mapping out your direction is not enough. You have to pursue the goals like your life depended on them. A specific, attainable and time-framed goal will remain a piece of paper if it is not pursued. Some companies keep perfectly-designed goals but are at a loss on how to implement them. Anybody can come up with goals, but how to achieve them is the real test.

This means you have a plan of how to achieve the goals. Without a step-by-step plan for your goals, you will find yourself staying out of focus and off course. The more specific your plan is, the better your chances are to succeed.

Aside from a detailed plan, make a to-do list that you have to follow every day. A goal plan sets the general direction for you, while a day-to-day plan ensures that you pay attention to important details of the journey. A day-to-day plan also allows you to evaluate your progress and your daily performance. It helps you to avoid committing the same mistakes every day, and to even do better in the things that you are already good at.

Lastly, use networking. You have goals, you have plans on how to achieve them, but if you don’t have a business network in place, you will have a difficult time keeping sticking to your plans and achieving your goals. There are many business networking groups you can choose from, like the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). NAPW provides a venue for women entrepreneur to share resources and help each in achieving their business and personal goals.

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Wisdom and the Path to Success

Wisdom and advice from older sisters is the guide a woman needs on her path to success. Unfortunately many women do not get this guide because they have nobody to ask. They do not know older sisters who can guide them in career or in business.

Many women fail at both their careers and businesses because they have no role models or mentors. They do not know where to turn for advice or even for answers to questions. This means it is always a good idea to get a mentor or several mentors.

You should start looking for a mentor as soon as you start your career if not earlier. Look for wiser, older women with experience in your field or similar field and try to model yourself upon them. Better yet become friends with such ladies so you can ask them for help. Having somebody you can turn to for advice is often the only way to navigate today’s world.

Look for such older role models in your workplace, your school, organizations, groups like the National Association for Professional Women and any place else. They are around and they are willing to help if you are willing to listen to them. In many cases simply being around such people inspire you and help you take it to the next level.

No woman has to be alone upon the path to success. Instead, she can have an older sister to help her along the trail and show her how to navigate around the obstacles. Taking the time to find such a mentor and making her part of your life can be the most important career decision that you’ve ever made.

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Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs to Convene in Santa Fe To Transform Their Lives and Businesses with Personal Branding Strategies

Robin Fisher Roffer, founder and CEO of Big Fish Marketing, is extending her award-winning corporate branding techniques to entrepreneurs and small business owners at her Reinvent Yourself workshop in Santa Fe, September 8 – 10.

Ranked fifth by Brand Gurus International on the list of top 30 most influential brand experts in the world, Fisher Roffer has crafted branding strategies and marketing plans for some of the world’s leading entertainment brands including Sony, ABC and MTV.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to play with the ‘big fishes’ for most of my career,” mused Fisher Roffer. “My workshop has been called a catalyst and life preserver for the many ‘little fishes’ out there with ideas, experience or dreams to become a ‘big fish’.”

Now Fisher Roffer has designed a systematic roadmap for individuals to follow during a three-day intensive workshop designed for attendees to discover and define their business relevance with compelling language to distinguish themselves in the marketplace.

In a personalized, intimate setting, her techniques expedite the business launch, expansion and job-seeking processes. Attendees have included entrepreneurs and philanthropists launching new businesses, executives in transition and college graduates seeking a takeaway action plan to realize immediate or long-term goals.

Part self-discovery, part disciplined goal planning, Reinvent Yourself motivates attendees through an eye-opening process of aspirational messaging, validated by Fisher Roffer’s track record of cumulative successes over two decades in corporate America. Guided by Fisher Roffer’s no nonsense yet encouraging style, attendees leave with a new sense of direction as well as a specific, personalized action plan for success in their lives and businesses.

Author of three books, Make A Name for Yourself, The Fearless Fish Out of Water, and Reinventing Yourself, Fisher Roffer is the recent recipient of the AMEC (Association of Media and Entertainment Council) Leadership Award.

For more information and enrollment:
Reinvent Yourself Workshop:

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Magga Products Sponsors Volusia Manufacturers Association Upcoming Manufacturers Expo 2011

The Volusia Manufacturers Association’s Manufacturing Member, Magga Products, becomes a platinum sponsor of the VMA’s upcoming Manufacturers Expo 2011.

Magga Products recently became a platinum sponsor for the upcoming Volusia Manufacturers Expo 2011. Magga Products is a world class manufacturer of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) custom and classic machinery. Magga Products was founded in 1978 by Rick Morgan, who had the reputation as one of the nation’s leading machinists with over 50 years of experience.

CNC machinery basically involves five elements:

•  design,
•  Computer-aided Design (CAD),
•  Computer-Aided Manufacturing ( CAM ),
•  Controlling, and
•  Machining.

Design involves thinking and planning the item you want to build. CAD (Computer Aided Design) involves translating your design into the computer. CAM involves setting the tool path and precision machine operations necessary for the manufacture of the desired object. A CAM system usually seeks to control the production process through varying degrees of automation. Because each of the many manufacturing processes in a CAM system is computer controlled, a high degree of precision can be achieved that is not possible with a human interface. Controlling involves knowing and directing your machine’s motion. Your machine’s motion type is dependent upon the machine but the most common types are rapid motion (positioning), straight line motion (linear interpolation), and circular motion (circular interpolation). There are many more elements involved in controlling such as compensation types, offsets, and so on, so it’s important to find someone who has experience in CNC such as Magga Products. Finally, the last element of CNC is machining or actually building your desired object to its specifications.

CNC machinery touches almost every form of manufacturing process in one way or another, and CNC machines typically replace or work in conjunction with some manufacturing processes. The more labor intensive processes can truly benefit from CNC by reducing the stress and strain of extreme, repetitive, manual processes on the manufacturing operator.

Magga Products has been strictly in the CNC machinery business for over 30 years in Daytona Beach , FL , and has a full line of equipment and world class machinists to complete any custom order. Introduction of CNC came about in the early 1970’s, and Magga Products has been a leader in this technology since its introduction. Magga Products fills orders for as small as a single prototype part or up to production runs of thousands of parts, and everything in between. Services include CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC water jet and plasma cutting, CNC Screw machine, Ultrasonic machining and drilling, precision lapping and grinding, reverse engineering with the latest AutoCAD software, complete welding and sheet metal fabrication, CMM measuring, and 3-D inspections. Magga Products fabricates standard alloys such as standard stainless steels, stainless, aluminum, titanium, and numerous exotic metals, and also a variety of plastic materials. Machine types include numerous CNC machining centers, CNC mills, CNC lathes, CNC Water jet cutting, CNC Plasma, High-speed drill/tap machines, CNC band saws, numerous MIG welders, TIG welders, shears, brakes, presses, and more.

Magga Products has been actively involved with the Volusia Manufacturers Association for many years. Magga Products President/ CEO, Maggie Morgan, served on the Volusia Manufacturers Association Board of Directors for over 3 years and won the 2008 VMA Karl Schiller Member of the Year Award. VMA’s President/CEO, Jayne Fifer stated, “ Magga Products has been a valuable member of the VMA, supporting local manufacturingthrough sponsorship of many VMA programs and activities and through their custom CNC machinery services . Magga Products is always willing to be a leader for local manufacturing causes and dedicated to making local manufacturers successful. ” Magga Products is located at 1512 State Avenue, Suite A in Holly Hill, FL, their website Magga Products and can be reached at either 386.676.1080 or email address.

The upcoming Volusia Manufacturers Expo 2011 will be held on September 22nd, 2011 from 3:00 – 8:00 P.M. at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center. Participating Manufacturers will have the opportunity to showcase their talents or products to other manufacturers or expo attendees. Manufacturers additionally can interact with other local manufacturers. Attendance for the VMA Manufacturing Expo is free , but you need to RSVP for the event at Manufacturers interested in participation can also download the table maps on this same page, with parking information also provided. Table placement is on a first come, first serve basis. A news broadcast from Volusia Magazine’s Business Beat and a video from the Daytona State College Center for Business and Industry can be watched on this page from last year’s event.

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Volusia Manufacturers Association- Sparton Sponsors Fifth Annual Manufacturers Expo 2011

Sparton is a supplier of sophisticated electronic and electro-mechanical products, sub-assemblies and related services to the highly regulated Medical, Defense & Security and Aerospace markets. Sparton Complex Systems provides the defense and aerospace markets with engineering services, rapid prototyping, circuit board assembly, and secure turnkey production services.

Mark Madore, Director of Operations for Sparton Electronics Florida, Inc. is serving his second term as the Chairman the VMA.

Sparton is an end-to-end manufacturer that draws on more than 100 years of experience and is one of the largest broad-based providers of complex and sophisticated electronic and electromechanical products having strong platforms in prime contracts, instrumentation, defense and security, medical, and printed circuit board electronics. Sparton can start with new product development including industrial design, design and manufacturing engineering, and complete the life cycle with manufacturing, distribution, and field service of unique electronic devices that are built to very exact tolerances. Sparton can even continue manufacturing services for the entire product life cycle. Sparton designs complete devices, subassemblies, and disposables and can complement an OEM team to fill technology gaps in fluidic and diagnostic devices. Sparton has been involved in the Volusia and Flagler County communities for many years and also the Volusia Manufacturers Association, even having a few employees serve various roles on the VMA Board of Directors.

The VMA Manufacturers Expo is the only place to find local Daytona Beach manufacturing suppliers and service providers all under one roof! This unique event facilitates open discussion among manufacturers and participants, encouraging cooperation amongst local manufacturers to create extraordinary and successful business potentials. Manufacturers have opportunities to showcase their talents or goods to attending participants. Manufacturers additionally can interact with other local manufacturers.

Attendance for the VMA Manufacturing Expo is free , but you need to RSVP for the eventat Manufacturers interested in participation can also download the table maps on this same page, with parking information also provided. Table placement is on a first come, first serve basis. A news broadcast from Volusia Magazine’s Business Beat and a video from the Center for Business Excellence can be watched on this page from last year’s event.

Those Volusia Manufacturers Association Members who are Platinum sponsors for the 2011 VMA Manufacturers Expo are the Daytona Beach News Journal, Volusia County Florida Economic Development, Center for Business Excellence, Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Florida Power & Light, James Moore & Co., Magga Products, Sparton Electronics, TD Bank, Innovative Service Solutions, Macro Transport and FloMet LLC.

“The VMA Manufacturers Expo has been hugely successful over the last four years, allowing local companies to draw on local manufacturing skills and talent to support local businesses and the local economy,” says Jayne Fifer, President/CEO of the Volusia Manufacturers Association . Fifer also said, “We are proud of our local manufacturing talent and proud to host this year’s event to show the importance of Daytona Beach Manufacturers.”

The Volusia Manufacturers Association has been dedicated to supporting local Manufacturing Companies for over 30 years. The Volusia Manufacturers Association is committed to local manufacturers and dedicated to providing information, education, and networking opportunities for the manufacturers in Volusia County and the region.

For more information, please check out or contact Jayne Fifer directly. There are additional opportunities for sponsorship. If interested, please contact Jayne Fifer.

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Volusia Manufacturers Association – Believe it: Manufacturing Jobs Do Exist Locally!

The Volusia Manufacturers Association’s President/CEO, Jayne Fifer, discusses the current pulse of manufacturing in Central Florida and the United States. This article was also presented as a guest commentary post in the Volusia Flagler Business Report, July 25, 2011.

The imbalance between the skills manufacturers need and the job seekers continues to grow. Newspapers report the skills gap shortage all over the country. Jobs go unfilled for months. A Georgetown University professor, Harry Holz, recently reported to Congress on manufacturing’s skilled worker shortage. “The ratio of job vacancies to new hires in manufacturing is higher than we find in any other major industry group, suggesting that employers are having some difficulty filling their newly created jobs,” Holtz told the hearing. “On its own, our system of higher education will not produce enough skills needed by American workers to prosper. Our education and work force systems largely operate in isolation from one another,” he added. “I submit that it is not an education and work force system problem. It is a public relations problem.”

Earlier this month, it happened again. While waiting for some copies to be made, the woman standing next to me reading my flier about a Volusia Manufacturers Association event asked what VMA was. Of course, I was only too happy to fill her in. She was surprised because she didn’t know there were any manufacturers here in Daytona Beach area.

Then the very next day, I was talking with my neighbor, who has a 16-year-old son, and she was asking how my business was going. I told her it was going great, manufacturers are hiring and growing and poised to lead us out of this recession. In fact, I told her, many could not find the skilled workers, particularly engineers. Her reply, “That is surprising, I didn’t think there were many manufacturers left in America. I thought they were all in China.” Unfortunately, this happens quite a bit.

People just do not know that manufacturing is alive and thriving. What they hear is all the jobs moved overseas. What they see is all the commodity products that say “made in China.” They don’t know about the research and development that happens in America. Or the intricate products that are made here. This is what they do not know about US manufacturing. If manufacturing were a separate economy, it would be the eighth largest economy in the world. The United States is the largest manufacturing economy, producing 21 percent of global manufactured products — or one in every five dollars. China is second at 13 percent. In our state (Florida), manufacturing is a key economic driver. Florida is the 13th largest manufacturing state. We are one of three net exporting states due in large part to manufacturers. There are over 15,000 Florida manufacturers employing over 350,000 highly skilled workers who on average earn 125 percent of state’s average wage. The manufacturing sector is responsible for about 5 percent of the gross state product. In Volusia County, the manufacturing sector represents over 5 percent of our market. The average wage is $42,441 compared to the total average of $35,936. There are about 400 manufacturers.

Volusia manufacturers export to every continent in the world except Antarctica. Our manufacturers are major players in highly visible events. For example, Teledyne Oil and Gas (formerly Ocean Design) in Daytona Beach helped close the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico. Hudson Technologies in Ormond Beach makes products sent into space. Products made at the Sparton Electronics plant in DeLeon Springs help find black boxes when flights go down in the oceans. Thompson Pump in Port Orange is helping to open the Panama Canal that will bring a tremendous amount of trade opportunities to Florida. A large percentage of our manufacturers have less than 15 employees. It is small business that provides the steadiest economic development. Manufacturing jobs require skills in technology, engineering, math, critical thinking, creativity, ingenuity. We will need more and more people with those skills. Yes, some jobs did go overseas, but they are coming back, as the cost of quality and the logistics costs keep increasing. Our schools offer many manufacturing education and training programs. Call Daytona State College, the University of Central Florida’s Daytona Beach campus, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Bethune-Cookman University and ask if they have manufacturing education programs and you will find that they do. The problem at the University is that the classes are not full, because people don’t think there are opportunities in manufacturing. They are wrong because there are. Tell your 16-year-old, manufacturing is here and it is here to stay.

The above commentary was provided to the Volusia Flagler Business Report by Jayne Fifer, current CEO/President of the Volusia Manufacturers Association. The Volusia Manufacturers Association (VMA) is the longest-serving manufacturing trade association established by Volusia and Flagler County Manufacturers. The Volusia Manufacturers Association is dedicated to keeping its members informed on current state legislation that impacts their businesses and providing opportunities for businesses to connect. For more information about the Volusia Manufacturers Association, please contact Volusia Manufacturers Association or Jayne Fifer at 386.673.0505.

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More and More Women are Poised to Corporate Success

There are many reasons why more and more women are poised to corporate success. The biggest reason is that there are simply more women in the corporate office than ever before.

Six out of ten college graduates are now women, so six out of ten professionals entering the workforce are women. In some fields such as law, women now outnumber men. As the number of women increases the number of women in the top roles will increase.

As more and more women are poised for corporate success, organizations for women will become more important. Women will need advocates and groups to fight for their rights.

Networking Breaks the Glass Ceiling

Even though more women are poised for success the glass ceiling is firmly in place in many industries and companies. Women will need organizations capable of standing by them and helping them break through.

One such organization is the National Association of Professional Women or NAPW. By networking through such an organization women can learn of opportunities and create support systems that can help them break through to the next level.

Corporate success requires networking and communication as well as hard work. Successful executives need to know about opportunities and they need business contacts. Experts note that networking is still the best way to find a job.

The more contacts you make in corporate America , the higher you can rise. Contacts can lead to jobs, sales and many other opportunities. Nobody can have too many contacts.

Networking is about making contacts and cultivating contacts to make more contacts. More women are poised for corporate success because they are bettering at networking and making contacts than men are.

If you want to join those who are poised for corporate success you will need to network. The more networking opportunities that you can find and take advantage of the more likely you will be to succeed.

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Big Shot CEOs Seek Advice from Women

In the years ahead the leaders at America ‘s largest corporations are going to be taking more and more advice from women. The main reason why CEOs will seek advice from women is an obvious one: most of their customers are women!!

Women make most of the purchases and economic decisions in the American home. They not only do the grocery shopping, they increasingly make the other buying decisions as well. Not surprisingly businesspeople will want to know what their customers are thinking.

Those companies that do the best job of designing and creating products for women and marketing women will be the most successful. The largest company in America is Wal-Mart which primarily sells to women.

Carmakers, entertainment companies, toy companies, homebuilders and many others will be directing their marketing at women. To get the advantage these companies will need to consult women and so will their leaders.

Women will dominate the Workplace
There is another reason why corporate bosses will be consulting women more often in the future. The majority of professionals and executives in companies in the future will be women. This will occur because six out of ten college graduates today are women. Most of the professionals, executives will consult in the future such as doctors and lawyers will be women.

CEOs will consult women in order to understand how their companies work and what is happening there. They will want the female insight into the changing environment around them. The executives that take advantage of female professionals will be the most successful.

In this environment organizations like the National Association of Professional Women which organize and network women will be more important than ever. Those women who are organized and connected will be in the best position to take advantage of a changing environment.

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AtTheMatch Launch A New Sport Of Business Networking Site

A new approach to online business networking has been set up, with the hope of bringing sports fans together to conduct business. AtTheMatch’s free business networking approach, allows sports fans to ‘meet’ in online stadia. An Arsenal fan, for example, joins the Arsenal stadium and is placed in touch with fellow Arsenal fans to discuss not only the latest news, but potential business opportunities.

Members are encouraged to roam different stadia in a bid to develop business networking groups. AtTheMatch suggest that “whatever your sport, whatever your team, we have a stadium to create the best business networking environment.” The idea is to create a business networking site with a more human aspect, by capitalising on those that already share a common passion.

Upon registering at users create their own profile which enables fellow users to locate them through a search engine, allowing connections to be made through a variety of avenues, including location, industry or team of choice.

Founder of AtTheMatch, Simon Maurer, believes his business networking site could fill a void in the market. “Thousands of fans will watch their teams side by side for years on end, but will often be unaware of the opportunities to conduct business with each other. Whether small businesses are looking for business networking tips, or larger companies are looking to form business networking groups, our website is the perfect solution.”

Business networking websites are not new, but the concept of bringing together sports fans on an exclusive business networking site could soon change the way fans view each other.

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Volusia Manufacturers Association – New 2011 Florida State Manufacturing Legislation Regulations that may affect your business!

On May 18, 2011 the Volusia Manufacturers Association welcomes the Manufacturers Association of  Florida (MAF) to present Florida State’s 2011 Post-Legislative Session Report.  The event begins on May 18 at 10:00 a.m-11:00 a.m. EST at Performance Designs, Inc. in Daytona Beach, FL. Performance Designs is the winner of the Volusia Manufacturers Association 2010 Manufacturer of the Year Award. A one-hour plant tourwill be given of this amazing, cutting-edge facility. Registration for this plant tour can be done here. After the plant tour, everyone will reconvene at Daytona State College, Building 100, Room 112 for the 2011 Post-Legislative Session Briefing, including lunch.

Briefings on general business, economic development, state business taxes, environmental permitting, insurance, workforce and education issues will be presented throughout the afternoon with agenda information available here. The event will conclude with a reception and plant tour at Miller-Leaman, Inc. in Daytona Beach from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m., EST. Miller-Leaman, Inc. is a successful manufacturer of innovative stainless steel filtration equipment used to protect industrial agricultural equipment and creates uniquely customized items for its clients. Local legislators and dignitaries will be invited to attend the reception, allowing attendees a chance to ask questions and interact with legislators. The event is an annual fundraiser for MAF’s political committee, Manufacturers Making a Difference.

“Local Daytona Beach Manufacturers will gain a wealth of information about the latest legislation in this Volusia Manufacturers Association/Manufacturers Association of Florida co-sponsored briefing,” said Jayne Fifer, President/CEO of the Volusia Manufacturers Association. “With the current challenges Volusia County manufacturers are facing, these businesses must be aware of changing state legislation which may affect them and their bottom line. Interaction with legislators is crucial so that law makers will create legislation that will allow their businesses to be profitable and successful.”

Manufacturers do not have to be a Manufacturers of Florida Association Member or a Volusia Manufacturers Association member to attend, and all manufacturers interested are encouraged to participate. This event is an annual fundraiser for the Manufacturers Association of Florida’s political committee, Manufacturers Making a Difference, with more information available at or at Event cost is $199 for MAF or VMA Members and $249 non-members. If businesses are interested in sponsoring the event, they should contact MAF by emailing

The Manufacturers Association of Florida (MAF) was organized in early 2006 to improveFlorida’s manufacturing business climate. The MAF is comprised of manufacturers and those who serve them who want to set the direction for manufacturing policy with stateGovernmental leaders.  Priority issues are determined by the MAF Board, based on input from MAF members, committees and Board members. The Manufacturers Association of Florida has Seven active committees: Policy, Membership, Government Affairs, Visibility/Public Relations, Workforce & Education, Tax and Green. Involvement in the MAF allows members to be the first to know the incentives and resources that will affect Florida businesses, keeping manufacturers connected at the state level. It also gives manufacturers a voice to state Legislatures with MAF leaders actively interacting with Florida State Representatives on issues.

The Volusia Manufacturers Association proudly sponsors this joint meeting with the Manufacturers of Florida keeping in line with its mission of informing and educating Florida manufacturers so that they can be armed with the best information to be lucrative and flourishing. The Volusia Manufacturers Association (VMA) is the longest-serving manufacturing trade association established by Volusia and Flagler County Manufacturers. The Volusia Manufacturers Association is dedicated to keeping its members informed on current state legislation that impacts their businesses. For more information about the Volusia Manufacturers Association, please contact Volusia Manufacturers Association or Jayne Fifer at 386.673.0505.

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Volusia Manufacturers Association Elects New Board and Begins Manufacturing Work for 2011

Volusia Manufacturers Association (VMA) is the only manufacturing trade association established by Volusia and Flagler County Manufacturers. Leading the Volusia Manufacturers Association is the VMA Board of Directors, who represent the various manufacturing member companies and associations. The VMA Board chooses new board members for the upcoming year in December and with this document proudly announces the VMA new board members for 2011.

The new Chairman of the VMA, whose main responsibilities are serving as the chief policy maker and presiding at the General Membership Meetings and VMA Board Meetings, is Mark Madore. Mark Madore is currently the CEO for Sparton Electronics Florida, Inc., a diversified electronics company dedicated to the manufacture of electronics for medical devices, Anti-Submarine Warfare, and many other specialized products located in De Leon Springs, FL. Serving as the Vice-Chairman of Programs and Benchmarking is Mark Andrews. Mark Andrews is the current President of Hudson Technologies, a long-standing VMA-award winning manufacturing member and a leading manufacturer of deep-drawn metal enclosures, or cases, and stampings used in many different industries. Ms. Reba MacLagan was the VMA’s Chair last year and moved to the Immediate Past Chair Appointment of the VMA Board and is currently employed by Performance Designs, Inc ., a world-class parachute manufacturer in Deland, Florida .

Tammy Pazmino, an Investment Executive & Assistant Vice-President of Fifth Third Bank, is coordinating the VMA Plant Tours initiative, a very important part of the VMA, allowing viewing of the different manufacturing locations throughout the VMA. Sharon Haga, Controller at Raydon Corporation, is taking responsibility for direction of the Finance Division, and James Hampton, Sales Manager at A.O. Precision Manufacturing, LLC, is directing the Marketing Sponsorships for the VMA. Fifth Third Bank and TD Bank are Associate members who provide VMA members with additional information and services. Raydon Corporation is the top provider of convoy trainers to the United States Armed Services, and the largest domestic commercial source of novice driver trainers. A.O. Precision Manufacturing LLC was started in 1982 in Daytona Beach , Florida and is a leading provider of firearms, parts and components of the M-16 and gun builders in the commercial markets.

The VMA is excited about the newly added Board position for VMA Marketing Social Media. This area will be lead by David Romeo, who is currently a Sales Engineer at Miller-Leaman Inc. Miller-Leaman manufactures three unique filtration products, a patented line of stainless steel liquid filters and strainers commonly known as the Thompson Filter-Strainer , the Helix Screen-Disc Series and the evolution of automatic disc filtration, the Turbo-Disc filter and many custom filtration solutions. The VMA Marketing Social Media Director will be responsible for directing the VMA into social media marketing, informing members and potential new members about all the latest VMA offerings.

Leadership of the VMA Manufacturing Excellence Division is being conducted by Tom Hayden of Teledyne ODI. Teledyne ODI is a leading manufacturer of sub-sea electrical and fiber-optic connector systems used for offshore oil and gas, defense, oceanographic and research projects. Tom Hayden is Director of Strategic Business Improvement at Teledyne ODI. The VMA’s Manufacturing Excellence Division presents programs to support quality in manufacturing, quality regulations, and best practices for manufacturing.

The VMA’s second division is the Materials Division focusing on manufacturing costs saving programs with special focus given to discuss current inventory, purchasing, or manufacturing issues and regulations. Director of the Materials Division for 2011 is Lois Stuart of Thompson Pump and Manufacturing, Co. Inc. Thompson Pump and Manufacturing is a manufacturer of high quality engine-powered portable pumps for use in construction, by-pass, dewatering, public works, mining, sewer-lift stations, wastewater, and agriculture applications.

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Volusia Manufacturers Association Manufacturing Member, Adsil, Inc. Is Paving the Way for a Greener World

Adsil, a global leading for manufacturing of a broad array of protective maintenance coatings, waterproofing sealants, and surface cleaning products, located in Daytona Beach, Florida, and a long-standing Volusia Manufacturers Association Manufacturing Member, is helping make New York City Green.

The magnificent stainless steel artwork pictured below was created by Wexler Galleries of Philadelphia.   It is located at the helicopter port near the historic World Trade Center site in Manhattan.    The protective railing behind it lines the Hudson River pedestrian park from 34th Street to the end of Manhattan.   The lower three rails of the railing is also made of stainless steel.   Both the artwork and lower three protective rails are coated with MicroGuard® AD35, a protective, corrosion-resistant sealant from Adsil, Inc.

Adsil’s protective coating is currently specified by the NYC Park Service for all stainless and decorative metal.  Their proprietary treatment covalently bonds to the surface, at the atom level, and provides long term protection from corrosion from any chemicals, salt-sprays and UV degradation. Adsil’s solution actually enhances the shine of the decorative metal. The best benefit of using Adsil’s protective sealant is that the treated surface is less costly to clean and maintain, resulting in use of less-harsh cleaning supplies, making cleaning with green cleaning chemicals possible and letting park staff clean the artwork and railing in minimal time. The protective railing was completed 3 years ago in 2007 and looks brand new in the picture. The artwork sculpture was completed last month, May 2010, and will be well-preserved with Adsil’s protective coating.

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Volusia Manufacturers Association Showing the Importance of Daytona Beach Manufacturers to the World with Fourth Annual Manufacturers Expo 2010

The Volusia Manufacturers Association (VMA) is proud to announce that they will be hosting the Fourth Annual Manufacturers Expo for Daytona Beach area Manufacturers. Jayne Fifer, President and CEO of the Volusia Manufacturers Association said, “Each Year the Volusia Manufacturers Association Manufacturers Expo keeps growing, and this year, we’ve already set a new record for the number of Manufacturer participants. “ To accommodate all the Manufacturers and expected participants, the Volusia Manufacturers Association has chosen the newly renovated Ocean Center in Daytona Beach , Florida , for the event. The Volusia Manufacturers Association Manufacturers Expo for 2010 will be held on September 23, 2010 from 3:00 – 7:00 P.M.

The VMA Manufacturers Expo is the only place to find local Daytona Beach manufacturing suppliers and service providers all under one roof! This unique event facilitates open discussion among manufacturers and participants, in line with this year’s expo theme, “ Showing the Importance of Daytona Beach Manufacturers to the World ”. Manufacturers have opportunities to showcase their talents or goods to attending participants. Manufacturers additionally can interact with other local manufacturers. Attendance and Parking for the VMA Manufacturing Expo is free , but you need to RSVP for the event.

Those Volusia Manufacturers Association Members who are sponsoring the event areMagga Products, Florida Healthcare, James Moore & Co., Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Macro Transport, Volusia County Economic Development and Command Medical.

“The Manufacturers Expo has been hugely successful over the last three years, allowing local companies to draw on local manufacturing skills and talent to support local businesses and the local economy,” says Jayne Fifer, President/CEO of the Volusia Manufacturers Association . Fifer also said, “We are proud of our local manufacturing talent and proud to host this year’s event to show the importance of Daytona Beach Manufacturers to the World.”

The Volusia Manufacturers Association has been dedicated to supporting local Manufacturing Companies for over 30 years. The Volusia Manufacturers Association is committed to local manufacturers and dedicated to providing information, education, and networking opportunities for the manufacturers in Volusia County and the region.

For more information, please check out or contact Jayne Fifer directly. There are additional opportunities for sponsorship. If interested, please contact Jayne Fifer.

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Volusia Manufacturers Association on Preparing Today’s Graduates for the Workforce

study conducted collaboratively by The Conference Board, Corporate Voices for Working Families, the Partnership for 21 st Century Skills, and HR Society for Human Resource Management has shown today’s high school and college graduates are ill-prepared for the 21 st Century Workforce. Industry and Educational Institutions must work together to better prepare our future workforce. The Volusia Manufacturers Association May’s General Meeting will present what the Volusia County Schools are doing to prepare their students for the workforce.

With the lack of jobs these days, it’s often wondered by the newly educated, job seeking graduate, what skills do I need to be successful in the workforce? In 2006, a study was conducted by a team from The Conference Board, Corporate Voices for Working Families, the Partnership for 21 st Century Skills, and the Society for Human Resource Management to find out answers for this burning question. Knowing how employers view these new workforce entrants is an important first step in enabling both these new entrants and U.S. business to succeed on the global economic scene.

The four participating organizations jointly surveyed over 400 employers across the United States. These employers articulated the skill sets that new entrants—recently hired graduates from high school, two-year colleges or technical schools, and four-year colleges—need to succeed in the workplace. Among the most important skills cited by employers were:

• Professionalism/Work Ethic

• Oral and Written Communications

• Teamwork/Collaboration and

• Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

In fact, the findings indicate that applied skills were viewed as more important than basic knowledge and

skills, such as Reading Comprehension andMathematics . So, while the “three Rs” are still critical to any new workforce entrant’s ability to do the job, employers strongly emphasized that applied skills like T eamwork/Collaborationand Critical Thinking are “very important” to success at work as well. The results of the study showed that young people need a range of skills, both academic and applied, in order to be successful in the 21 st century U.S. workforce.

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