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New Player in the Market Will Compete with LinkedIn

Rumors have abounded about’s professional profile site’s imminent introduction to the World Wide Web. Still under development, it boasts the world’s largest business database with over 145 million personal professional profiles from around the world—that’s more than LinkedIn which is currently estimated to have just over 125 million professional profiles.

What makes Masterseek’s profile database so competitive?
Masterseek is already the largest B2B search engine, with 40 million more businesses listed than the nearest competitor and growing at a faster pace.’s service is free, like most similar databases. Where it differes is in its ability to allow businesses full control over their profile. In addition the actual search functions are more intuitve, with more accurate local results or global results if that is the user’s search preference.

This is what has attracted so many businesses, and so many professionals to the website. Upon launch’s professional profile section is fully expected to perform as well as the business search portion of the site. It seems to be the natural evolution of a business search engine, that it should incorporate professional profiles as well. However other sites have not done so, at least not to this degree. There in lies the power of Masterseek, and why it is expected to replace LinkedIn at some point in the near future.

How will Masterseek’s professional profiles work?
Currently it is very similar to LinkedIn it looks like. As of now the primary difference is in the numbers. Masterseek already has more, and if past growth is any evidence it will soon be one of the new places to search for professionals. Masterseek’s site is also free and it gives users control over their own profile. It is expected to use Masterseek’s primary search engine application from the business listing side of the site. If so expect it to have faster, more complete, more specific and more accurate search functionality both locally or for any specified geographic search.

We got a hold of Masterseek President Rasmus Refer who preferred not to comment on current plans,

“We are working on many new activities with the objective to become the largest global provider of business information, but cannot tell you more about our plans right now” –Rasmus Refer

Despite details being kept close to the vest, we have dug up a number of key points:

• Masterseek will have more profiles right off the bat as mentioned, 145M to LinkedIn’s 125M.
• It will use a different search platform, if it is the same as the Business Listings section it will be faster, more accurate and more comprehensive locally and globally.
• Listings will be 100% free.
• Those making a profile will have as much or more control to share information than those using LinkedIn.

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AtTheMatch Launch A New Sport Of Business Networking Site

A new approach to online business networking has been set up, with the hope of bringing sports fans together to conduct business. AtTheMatch’s free business networking approach, allows sports fans to ‘meet’ in online stadia. An Arsenal fan, for example, joins the Arsenal stadium and is placed in touch with fellow Arsenal fans to discuss not only the latest news, but potential business opportunities.

Members are encouraged to roam different stadia in a bid to develop business networking groups. AtTheMatch suggest that “whatever your sport, whatever your team, we have a stadium to create the best business networking environment.” The idea is to create a business networking site with a more human aspect, by capitalising on those that already share a common passion.

Upon registering at users create their own profile which enables fellow users to locate them through a search engine, allowing connections to be made through a variety of avenues, including location, industry or team of choice.

Founder of AtTheMatch, Simon Maurer, believes his business networking site could fill a void in the market. “Thousands of fans will watch their teams side by side for years on end, but will often be unaware of the opportunities to conduct business with each other. Whether small businesses are looking for business networking tips, or larger companies are looking to form business networking groups, our website is the perfect solution.”

Business networking websites are not new, but the concept of bringing together sports fans on an exclusive business networking site could soon change the way fans view each other.

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Cambridge Who’s Who Registry Of Executives, Professionals And Entrepreneurs Recognizes Paul Francis Robertson, As An Online Entrepreneur And A Small Business Owner

The 2008-2009 Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs recognizes Paul Francis Robertson, as an online entrepreneur and a small business owner, including Robertsons Photography Service.

Cambridge Who’s Who Registry Of Executives, Professionals And Entrepreneurs Recognizes Paul Francis Robertson, As An Online Entrepreneur And A Small Business Owner

Paul Francis Robertson was born in Galveston, TX, on August 23, 1953. He received a four year Moody Foundation Scholarship, while preparing for college at Texas City High School, from September 1967 – May 1971, in his hometown of Texas City, TX. He entered his freshman year of college at the University of Houston, Main Campus. He acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Technology, while attending the College of Arts and Sciences at Texas Southern University, in Houston, TX, from September 1972 – May 1975.

Paul Francis Robertson graduated with high honors, magna cum laude, on May 17, 1975. He is a life time member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. He studied in the College of Education at Texas Southern University (Teacher Certification Program), from the Fall 1997 to the Spring 1999 also.

Paul Francis Robertson continued to pursue his dreams as a computing professional from January 1974 to May 1997, in the Information Technology Industry. He became a full-time classroom teacher from August 1997 to May 2005, in the Education Industry. This was another dream that became reality. He has become an online entrepreneur and a small business owner from June 2005 to the present day, in the Business Services Industry. Paul Francis Robertson can be reached at (409) 939-7831, his business telephone.

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GoProfessionals.Com Combines Premier Exposure To Businesses In An Online Telephone Directory Listing And Online Scheduling System For Appointments Or Consultations Made By Phone

A revolutionary new technology system called GoProfessionals.comhas been released by Web By Design, Incorporated.  Web By Design, Inc. is a California based company with a large volume of clients based all over the country. is now being launched for a variety of sales and services to professionals and businesses ranging from the West Coast all the way to the East Coast. will supply the client with a free copy of AppointmentDiary Software so that their clients can book appointments for their business services online. The online appointment scheduling allows clients to make appointments immediately, ending their search for services and saving them time.

Once the appointment is booked the client is then notified by either email or SMS text messaging to their cell phone.

The is not only limited to the online scheduling system for appointments but also clients will benefit from advertising their services on a fully optimized site. This means that their businesses visibility will be improved on search engines by increasing accessibility to potential clients. is also exclusive! By limiting their clients competition to have a maximum of 6 listings only on the directory. This also allows their potential clients to have an elite directory to select their services from.

To learn more about the directory and services offered, see and for the AppointmentDiary system mentioned earlier

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