A New Start in Franchising for the French Family

With vast experience of the service industry, Redcar based family Samantha and Matthew French have just embarked on a new chapter of their career, having started their own franchise business with Chem-Dry. Samantha’s experience and background has mainly centered around the catering and hospitality industries, which has proved a good grounding to develop teamwork and people skills. Whereas Matthew holds solid knowledge of the carpet cleaners industry, having recently finished an apprenticeship, which encompassed providing cleaning and restoration services in domestic homes and commercial businesses.

Given the current economic climate, setting up your franchise could be a frightening proposition and although the Chem-Dry Cleveland team have no prior experience of managing their own business, they will benefit from Samantha’s background in the service industry and Matthew’s knowledge of the marketplace. This combination will provide an ideal platform to make their new Chem-Dry carpet and upholstery cleaning and disaster restoration franchise successfully.

People with service backgrounds, find running a franchise business the ideal transition into managing their own business and the benefits this presents. They tend to possess good people and communication skills required to grow and develop a franchise business within a local community.

Samantha French, Proprietor of Chem-Dry Cleveland, comments “Although we are new to the business ownership game, our combine skills will prove handy and are transferable. This is a big challenge for both Matthew and I, however we so impressed with Chem-Dry cleaning process that when the opportunity arose to purchase a Chem-Dry franchise we decided to take up the challenge of running our own business”.

Mark Richardson, Marketing Executive, Chem-Dry Franchising, comments “franchising attracts a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, with different skills, circumstances and business experiences. We wish Samantha and Matthew every success as their new venture begins and Chem-Dry Franchising will be on hand to provide support as and when required. We are delighted to welcome Chem-Dry Cleveland to the Chem-Dry cleaning franchises network”.

Chem-Dry Cleveland became part of the national Chem-Dry network in 2002 and has been independently owned and operated by Samantha and Matthew French since 2011. The domestic and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning business is evolving through the provision of exceptional service to both their domestic and commercial customers to various parts of Cleveland.

Via EPR Network
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